The Iconic Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Moment We Can't Get Over

She can pull off anything.

Tracee Ellis Ross hairstyles

There’s no denying that Tracee Ellis Ross is an icon. Not only is she an award-winning actor, but her style and beauty choices constantly raise the bar. One of her most gorgeous attributes is her mass of curly hair, which she proudly shows off in all its natural glory. In fact, hair is such an important part of Ross’ life that she launched her very own hair care brand, Pattern Beauty, in 2019, which offers a wide variety of curly hair solutions at an affordable price.

However, Tracee Ellis Ross’ hairstyles go far beyond her signature curls. Just like her impeccable and head-turning fashion sense, over the years, Ross has experimented with every hair look under the sun — even a mullet. Between red carpet events, magazine covers and campaigns, Ross never fails to pull off every single look she tries. Her hair and beauty routines are an extension of her personality and active sources of self-expression.

If you’re looking for some hair inspo for summer, look no further. Let’s reminisce on the best of the best, shall we? From her natural curls to her varied braided looks, here, take a journey through the most memorable Tracee Ellis Ross hairstyles.

Natural Curls

Big, natural curls are Ross’ signature style and she absolutely nails it every time. Her hair care brand, Pattern, was created to fill the gaps that she saw in the market for curly hair products.

Slicked-Back Look

The short, slicked-back style that Ross wore to the 2020 NAACP Image Awards just screams Old Hollywood glamour. That evening, she also took home the award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Black-ish.

Long Braids

The 2019 Grammy Awards were not prepared for what Tracee Ellis Ross was bringing to the red carpet. Her long braids nearly hit her calves, yet she still looks effortlessly cool.

This Mermaid Moment

This seemingly Cher-inspired look is proof that Ross also looks incredible with pin-straight hair. As if we had any doubts.

“Grown Woman” Hairs

The actor shared a BTS selfie before the virtual 2020 BET Awards showing off a simple, sleek style featuring “some cursive extravagance” — that being, her beautifully styled baby hairs (which Ross hilariously calls her “grown woman hairs” in the caption).

A Bun With A Hair Scarf

Tying her bun up with a patterned hair scarf elevates the simple look to an entirely new level — and, as she says, it keeps “the Zooms spicy!”

A Chic Bob

The world did a collective gasp when Ross debuted a sleek, center-parted bob on the summer 2021 cover of Marie Claire.

A Mullet (Seriously)

As if the bob wasn’t surprising enough, Ross also rocked a mullet in her Summer 2021 Marie Claire feature. Obviously, she still looked incredibly glamorous in the ‘80s-inspired style.

Looped Braids

Who would have thought that face-framing looped braids could look so elegant? Trace Ellis Ross, that’s who.

Embracing The Greys

Always one to keep it real and transparent, Ross shared this bare-faced selfie proudly showing off a few grey hairs.