Keke Palmer, The World Is Begging For Your Natural Curl Care Routine

Bouncy, hydrated, perfect.

Keke palmer blue hair

There are many a half-dozen stars from any sector of the entertainment industry with the versatility of Keke Palmer — and that applies to her extremely varied résumé and her experimental aesthetics. Just the way no two Palmer’s work projects are identical, no two looks are either. But even when the star is scaling it back to her most low-key state, she’s still impossibly stunning. Palmer’s natural curls and makeup-free face popped up on her Instagram grid this week, complete with a cozy cardigan and her trendy square-shaped eyeglasses. In the video, she does a slo-mo head shake that shows off the incredible health, shape, and condition of her curls, which prompted hundreds of fans to camp out in the comments to request her full hair care routine.

The exact products required for the look aren’t immediately clear, but Palmer and her hairstylist, Ricardo Roberts, mention Tracee Ellis Ross’ PATTERN Beauty brand was used. A best-selling line with plenty of critical acclaim, it’s a celebrity-favorite for glossed, cared-for curls of all lengths and types. Even Palmer’s fellow stars like Niecy Nash and Yvonne Orji had to jump in to the replies, reiterating how incredible her hair looks in the short video clip.

Fans seem to be torn on if this is Palmer’s natural pattern or if its bolstered by the help of small-sized flexi rods, but regardless, it’s one of her best-ever beauty moments. The slow-motion shake also emphasizes how long Palmer’s hair is when stretched, which just underscores the health factor even further — if you’re looking for extra length, scalp care, exfoliation, and regular moisturizing are all key.


Part of the reason why Palmer’s natural hair is so free of breakage, frizz, and damage overall is likely due to her aesthetic versatility. She’s a vocal lover of wigs to change up her length and color without the actual commitment, which protects her real curls beneath. The ability to flit between blue-streaked barrel waves and an icy platinum updo is great on its own, but to do so without further stressing out her strands? Brilliant.