Taylor Swift Rang In 2024 With A Galaxy’s Worth Of Glittering Hair Clips

‘New Year’s Day’ who?

Taylor Swift birthday party hair

Aside from maybe her birthday, there’s no date so Swiftian as December 31 — New Year’s Eve. There’s the romance, the drama, and the date change at midnight, and it all calls for the most glitzy, glittery looks in one’s wardrobe. Judging by Taylor Swift’s hair clips, a shimmery constellation of assorted stars and moons, she’s bringing her distinct brand of bejeweled glamour right into 2024 with her. Not only do the twinkling barrettes align with her newfound love for hair accessories in general, but they also happen to fit right in with a leading fan theory on her upcoming music. In more ways than one, Swift’s party style acts as the ultimate end cap to her record-breaking year.

While the Sphynx-like star has yet to share photos from the celebration on her own Instagram account, she did bring her camera — and its instantly identifiable, pre-loaded filter — with her to the Kansas City countdown party. In high-definition photos and standard social media posts alike, Swift can be seen in a silver beaded Clio Peppiatt minidress with deep red nail polish and a loose, low bun. She styled her bangs to the side, a move she’s been loving lately, and adorned the back of her updo with stars- and moon-adorned bobby pins by Jennifer Behr, part of the Supernova set.

This is the second Clio Peppiatt dress — and overt celestial motif — she’s worn in as many weeks, too. Swift wore a night sky-emblazoned dress to her birthday party in mid-December and, against the context of dozens of similar “clues”, fans think it’s a hint at the theme of new music. Ever a creature of habit, though, she’s also been gravitating toward Jennifer Behr accessories all winter long. In fact, she wore the brand’s rainbow-colored, crystal bobby pins and black silk bow to Travis Kelce’s Chiefs game on Christmas Day.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It was only a matter of time before Swift tapped in to ongoing hair accessory trend, but leave it to her to jump in with vigor. With that new side-bangs style, the possibilities are endless.