These Celeb-Favorite Extensions Totally Transformed Sydney Sweeney’s Short Haircut

Like magic.

Sydney Sweeney long brown hair in waves and green dress with pink eyeshadow in Spain

There’s always talk about “the magic of the movies” but anyone familiar with the world of celebrity knows the real noteworthy stuff is happening behind the scenes. Just look at Sydney Sweeney’s hair evolution over 2022 alone — she chopped several inches, added bangs, and toggled from baby-blonde to ultra-trendy copper and back to blonde again before going all-in on the brunette boom to end the year. But really, her biggest transformation was hardly noticed by anyone. Sydney Sweeney’s hair extensions have been adding serious length for her biggest red carpet moments. In new photos of her pasta-filled Italian vacation, it looks like Sweeney’s real hair falls just past her collarbone — but when her hairstylist adds in the extensions, it instantly becomes long and rib-skimming, seamlessly blending together for a voluminous, glamorous effect.

While most know hair extensions are part and parcel of celebrity life, it’s always refreshing to be reminded that full, free-flowing hair is always just a few well-placed wefts away. The best part of Sweeney’s ever-changing look is how open she and her glam team are about the extensions. While the new photos from Italy are the best look at where her naturally hair falls, she’s done ad campaigns, red carpets, photoshoots, and award shows all with her own long bob. Peeking out from under her fuzzy Lack Of Color bucket hat, fans get a head-on look at the chic cut.


Just days later, she would turn up at a special Miu Miu event — she curated her own special collection of favorites for the beloved brand — with very long, center-parted waves so well blended, it’s impossible to tell where her real hair ends and the extensions begin. Glen Coco Oropeza, celebrity hairstylist and close friend of Sweeney, created her glossy look for the night — along with the vast majority of her standout hairstyles.

Mike Vitelli/BFA.com

While details of this exact evening’s glam are still TBD, Oropeza’s shouted out extensions brand Rita Lowry Hair more than a few times in the past. A quick glance at the brand’s Instagram reveals several other celebrities are using those exact extensions for an incredibly lifelike look, including Jennifer Lopez, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Becky G, and Shay Mitchell.

With extensions that look this natural, it’s no wonder Sweeney and her stylist play and experiment with her hair length so often. Only time will tell if a Kardashian-style leg-dusting look is next.