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The Square Nail Trend Was Seen On Every Cool-Girl Celebrity At The 2024 Grammys

Now you have to try it.

Ice Spice nails grammys 2024

Yes, the reason the biggest celebrities are gathered at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards is to celebrate the absolute best albums, songs, and production of the year. But one thing that’s always set the event apart is the caliber of creativity demonstrated by the nominees on the red carpet. The show’s official tagline is “music’s biggest night,” but really, it’s a major night for beauty, too. Between Paris Jackson’s tattoo-camouflaging concealer, Taylor Swift’s snake-shaped braid, and Victoria Monét’s radiant body glow, more than a few trends planted seeds of influence, but all the square nails at the 2024 Grammys are worth paying attention to in particular. For months now, the manicure shape has been quietly taking over salons, social media, and the celebrity set alike — it’s the variations on the look, though, all seen at the Grammys, that suggest it’s finally reached critical mass.

The fun of any nail trend really lies in its customization possibilities, and the square craze proves it. You can do a “mob wife”-style French manicure, opt for something considerably more intricate, or pull the whole thing back to basics and simply square off the ends of your own short, natural nails. In fact, all those variations were seen by the coolest celebrities at the Grammys — which makes them perfect for inspiring your next look.

Check out the all the chic, square-shaped nails below.

Dua Lipa

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Call it Mob Wife Lite. Lipa’s long been a fan of traditional French manicures and square shapes alike, but combining the two — complete with softer-colored tips for a faded effect — is beyond trendy. The look comes courtesy of celebrity nail artist Kim Truong, the creative behind so many of Lipa’s best manis.

Ice Spice


Long, square nails have been a thing for decades, but the look reached new heights in the 2000s. A lover of anything and everything Y2K coded, Ice Spice adorned her rectangular French manicure with a candy-pink color, black accents, and even 3D bow charms.

Chloë Bailey


Every detail of Bailey’s Grammys look works together flawlessly. It’s all about the warm, bronze tons of her hair color and jewel-encrusted gown, which continues with her long, square nails. They too are adorned with glittery gems, sparkling in the camera flashbulbs.

Olivia Rodrigo

Kayla Oaddams/WireImage/Getty Images

Rodrigo got in on the square-shaped nail fun, too, but chose to do so with without extensions or tips. Celebrity nail artist Yoko Sakakura created the look using OPI polish in shades Put It In Neutral and Bubble Bath — an elite combination.

Janelle Monáe


The elegance of Monáe’s short, square manicure can’t be emphasized enough. As if the shape and length weren’t chic enough, each nail is decorated with a detailed black-and-white design that matches her sequin-covered gown.