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Mob Wife Nails Are My Latest Obsession — And Luckily Oh-So Versatile

See you later, quiet luxury.

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Step aside quiet luxury, the maximalist mob wife aesthetic is coming for your wardrobe, home, and beauty routine. Yes, the shamelessly opulent trend is truly taking TikTok and red carpets my storm as both content creators and A-listers are embracing the luxe furs, bejeweled accessories, and loud animal prints that encompass the look. Also getting in on the action is the nail sector, with Carmela Soprano- and Ginger McKenna-inspired manicures making recent rounds on social media. The former in particular is signaling a return to the squared-off French tip we saw in the ‘90s and early aughts while Sharon Stone’s iconic Casino character is putting rich oxblood nails on the map. All I have to say is, after a year of elevated neutrals reigning supreme, I’m so here for a flashier take.

The beauty of this trend overall is that it is truly unapologetic in its penchant for opulent details. a mob wife at her core loves to flaunt what she’s got, starting with a flawless, eye-catching manicure. In addition to the nostalgic aforementioned French tip (which celebrities like Ice Spice and Lily Rose Depp have recently tried for themselves), the latest rendition of mob wife nails includes blinged out and pearlescent nail accents as well as chic prints like tortoise-shell.

Ahead, see the five manicures that are helping me tap into my inner mobster queen.

Square French


The mob wife manicure getting the most attention at the moment is arguably this throwback, squared-off look famously embraced by Carmela Soprano (played by Edie Falco) on hit HBO series The Sopranos. The more modern take includes a slimmer shape that can even translate to the latest ballet slipper nail trend. The key here is the flat, boxy tip.

Tortoise Shell


Glossy tortoise shell nails scream mob wife in their perfect balance of elegance and glamour. You can try the look at home with rich brown and camel-colored polishes or opt for press-on nails that’ll give you the effect in one fell swoop. If you want to play with more prints, try other animal-inspired patterns like leopard or zebra.



Rich burgundy nails are definitely something a Goodfella’s spouse or Mob Wives star Drita D'Avanzo would wear. It’s also the easiest way to embrace the latest trend with little to no skill involved. Just remember: The richer and moodier the red the better. A true mob wife embraces her dark side.



Opulence is the name of the game with this aesthetic. So, for the more adventurous ones out there, try out an encrusted manicure á la Jennifer Lopez — who also has serious mob wife energy — in 2022. For extra luxury points, opt for Swarovski crystals and long, stiletto tips to take your blinged-out nails to the next level.



Like diamonds and crystals, pearls are another luxury accent gem loved by the mob wife. Luckily a pearly manicure is super versatile in that you can go as minimalist — like this subtle French tip take above — or maximalist as you want. Just pick pearl accents that truly shine and bring an element of sophistication to your nail look.

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