The Lights In Shay Mitchell’s Home Have Sparked A New Obsession For Me

I guess I need a chandelier now, too.

Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images for REVOLVE
Shay Mitchell attends REVOLVE Festival 2023
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There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a celebrity home tour on Architectural Digest as you ponder over your own interior decorating decisions. The videos often provide good tips, like styling your pool chairs with corn motif side tables (thank you, Emma Chamberlain for that one), or designing your room around a single furniture element. This latter trick comes from a feature on Shay Mitchell’s home, as the actor reportedly has a penchant for light fixtures. Yes, Mitchell loves this furnishing element so much — she specifically adores a chandelier — that she designed the rooms of her house around them.

In one of the living spaces for example, which features exposed beams and a fireplace, Mitchell suspended an orbed lantern, which she bought from Marrakech, Morocco, from the ceiling. Meanwhile in the breakfast nook of her 1920s Spanish villa-style home, the Béis founder created a modern farmhouse mood with a wicker light pendant from Leanne Ford. The actor also used chandeliers sparingly around her property — you can spot one hanging from inside one of her bathrooms, which boasts glamorous Hollywood Regency vibes. It seems the beauty of decorating with different light fixtures around the house is that it gives each room a unique personality.

In fact, no matter where you turn in Mitchell’s home, you feel a sense of discovery in every corner of the space. “For me, I couldn’t have a house that’s one color,” she said in the AD interview, explaining why all her rooms are not uniformly decorated. “I like the rooms to be different and emote different things when I walk into them.” The entryway, which features a large hanging chandelier, for instance gives off a Mediterranean air while the bar area of her home is decorated with moody pink floral wallpaper and a golden orb light fixture. “I was reminded of all these cute speakeasy-style bars that I’d been to, whether in Paris or Istanbul, that all had awesome wallpaper,” the actor said, describing her sources of inspiration.

We can continue to wax poetic about Mitchell’s stunning house and her taste in lights, but we’ll spare you. Watch the full video of her home tour, above, to take in the decor for yourself. Afterwards, if you feel inspired by her eye for design, shop similar ceiling lamps to the star’s to incorporate into your own living space.