Sienna Miller Found A Way To Flawlessly Merge 2 Viral Decor Trends In Her Kitchen

Cottagecore, meet Barbiecore.

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LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 06:  Sienna Miller attends the ATG Summer Party hosted by Ambassador The...

Sienna Miller’s “charming English cottage,” revealed in Architectural Digest on Aug. 1, is just that. The thatched-roof home in Buckinghamshire, which hails from the 16th century, is every bit the homey, fairytale-like abode you’d expect it to be. However, thanks to the makeover done by the actor’s friend Gaby Dellal, the cozy escape is full of new, unexpected touches that take this space to an entirely new, unique level. Perhaps one of the best examples of this? Miller’s bubblegum-pink kitchen, which marries a surprisingly playful shade with a (mostly) otherwise rustic scene.

It’s true that at first glance, the cooking and dining area don’t seem out of the ordinary for a centuries-old cottage set in the English countryside. As AD notes, there’s a farmhouse table and chairs, vintage lighting from Vinterior, and a sleek Lacanche range. A mixture of open shelving styles are scattered across the walls, which are covered in an unfussy mixture of pottery and glassware. Yet the longer you look, the more details emerge that prove this is no ordinary cottage kitchen.

The publication describes Dellal’s own interior style as eclectic, and that’s exactly what she brought to this space. Rather than opting for a creamy neutral on the walls, she chose a poppy shade of pink to cover the kitchen. (According to AD, it’s called Madeleines and comes from Francesca’s Paints.) It’s a bold move that, paired with the “fennel green” kitchen tiles from Bert & May, ensures the kitchen remains a bright breath of fresh air rather than a dark, dingy area.

While pink may seem like a random move in Miller’s kitchen, it could actually be considered a very trendy decision today. With Barbiecore exploding into people’s homes and wardrobes and the Danish pastel decor look still raging, the pretty pink hue on the walls of the actor’s home feels surprisingly current. With the rest of the details of the room fitting firmly into the cottagecore aesthetic, you could almost assume the space was inspired directly by social media movements — though it manages not to look that way at all.


In fact, Miller’s cooking area is a lesson in merging two fads without creating something that will quickly fall out of style. With the pink paint, Dellal did include it heavily; however, she refrained from doing so in a cutesy, garish way and instead kept it simple by using it as a background. Similarly, she leaned into the natural “cottagecore” style of the kitchen and incorporated decor that felt seamless with its rustic aesthetic, rather than adding details that were overly granny-chic. It’s old meets (kind of) new, done flawlessly — and it’s a look we’ll definitely be recreating immediately.

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