This Buzzy Lighting Trend Officially Has Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Stamp Of Approval

And she styled it perfectly.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley / Instagram
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley  taking a mirror selfie in a grey sweater and black leggings
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There’s a reason pretty much every deep dive, video, and feature of a celebrity home is wildly successful. Yes, it’s fun to be voyeuristic — but stars’ abodes are also simply treasure troves of inspiration. And it’s not always the ways in which you’d initially think. You can, of course, find cool ideas for couches and interesting ways to renovate a bathroom. But there are also details like celebrity-approved lighting trends that you might not normally notice, but definitely should.

That’s especially true right now, because fortunately for design aficionados, A-listers have been sharing the chandeliers, lamps, and pendant styles that they’re currently loving even more than usual. And thanks to their oversized budgets and access to world-renowned interior designers, the pieces are not only right on trend, but also just seriously good.

Don’t worry, though — they don’t all require the help of an electrician (or a zillion dollars to recreate). While some, like the massive chandelier in Blake Lively’s breakfast nook, would undoubtedly demand assistance and serious cash, others such as the rattan lamp in Reese Witherspoon’s space, can be copied in multiple ways and on a budget. Without further ado, here are the lighting looks celebrities are obsessed with right now — that will surely have you head over heels, too.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Oversized Chandeliers

Lively certainly isn’t the first to partake in the oversized lighting trend — it’s been a much-talked-about look all year. That said, she’s clearly embracing it, and doing so in a beautiful way. Her fixture of choice was a massive and glamorous tiered piece, which she juxtaposed against her masculine, leather- and brick-clad breakfast nook. It’s a fun way to make a statement, and no surprise that it was done by the statement queen.

Woven Lighting

It’s hard not to love the way Shay Mitchell incorporated the woven lighting trend into her kitchen. The actor chose a small, simple black piece to place above her sink, which provides the perfect contrast against her sleek white kitchen. It gives an eclectic feel that’s right in line with the rest of the entrepreneur’s cool home.

Sculptural Sconces

Sculptural sconces are one of those trends that are literally everywhere, so it makes sense that the ultra-stylish Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is on board. The model added a pair of beautiful, understated glass pieces above her fireplace in a way that they almost act as replacement mantel decor. That said, these types of pieces work pretty much anywhere — and given that they’re practically art themselves, they can usually stand in place of a less functional piece.

Clustered Lighting

Serena Williams is clearly a big fan of clusters of light fixtures, and she’s not the only celebrity to adopt the trend. Gabrielle Union has also tried the look, albeit in a totally different way. While Williams opted for multiple pendants on her ceiling, Union scattered sconces across her wall, proving this practice can be carried out in many different ways depending on your preference and style.

Rattan Lighting

Rattan lighting (especially in lamps) is having a major moment, as Witherspoon’s own piece further proves. She went with a classic look in this room, but there are endless ways to try the material. Sconces, pendants, and chandeliers all come in the cottagecore-esque style, and thanks to its versatility, it can be paired with many aesthetics.

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