Selena Gomez’s Fresh Take On A Layered Haircut Is Pure Sophistication

But of course.

Selena Gomez slicked down bun

Anyone who’s followed Selena Gomez for longer than a year knows that she never shies away from a dramatic image overhaul — she’ll switch musical genres, her hair color, or her style at the drop of a hat. But at the same time, the star knows that she doesn’t necessarily need an extreme makeover, so to speak, to revitalize and refresh her look. Even minor tweaks can be seriously impactful, like the layered haircut Gomez just debuted at New York City’s annual Time 100 Summit. With just a bit of artful scissor work, her collarbone-length waves look more sophisticated as ever.

As a guest speaker ruminating on her life in the industry and runaway beauty brand success, Gomez struck a brilliant balance of serious and stylish with a leather-accented LBD, peep-toe pumps, and a rather minimalist beauty look. Her nails are a simple, shiny nude, coordinated with her dewy, natural makeup — the biggest standout is her wash of apricot-colored lip gloss. Gomez’s new hair fit right in, gently curled and falling just past her shoulders. The key is in the subtle tapering of the long layers around her face, as well as the shorter curtain bangs that add shape and texture while seamlessly blending in with the rest of the cut.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Gomez has played around with curtain bangs before, but this might be their most low-key iteration yet. Not only are they a bit longer and less textured than previous go-rounds, but their styling is also muted. They don’t take up too much forehead real estate — the way the fringe traditionally does — and instead just add a bit of volume and shape to either side of her head.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

In so many ways, the face-framing cut feels reminiscent of classic ‘90s styles — like ‘The Rachel’, made famous by Jennifer Aniston through her run on NBC’s Friends. The two looks share a lot of key elements, including an emphasis on layers, subtle but impactful bang work, and a bit of tapering.

Leave it to Gomez to make one of the more recreated hairstyles of all time feel entirely fresh.