Caught Between Aesthetics? Selena Gomez’s Updo Has The Best Of Both Worlds

What can’t she do?

Selena Gomez blonde highlights

Oh, the duality of man — or of Selena Gomez. There’s a reason her star power only increases year after year. Not only has she retained the fans who grew up with her through the early 2000s back in the Disney days, but with every musical and aesthetic reinvention, she just amasses more. The concept applies to broader things, like her work, but it definitely tracks with her hair and makeup, too — can you even become a beauty mogul of her billion-dollar caliber without a unique vision? Just look at Gomez’s high bun, just seen in a sleek selfie posted to the Rare Beauty Instagram page. At first glance, it seems like a rather chic albeit simple updo. But if you really look at it, you’ll realize that the “Love On” singer actually manage to combine two of the decade’s top hair trends into one totally distinct style.

In the photo, seemingly taken in a hotel room on one of Gomez’s all too frequent work trips, she poses in a rose-pink blazer complete with matching eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. It’s a satisfyingly cohesive look, illuminating her entire face with a fresh springtime energy. Her hair might be the best part, though.


The front portion of her bun is neat and structured, brushed back with just enough product to ensure every strand and baby hair lays flat against her head — the consummate “clean girl” look. The back, however, is artfully messy, full of pulled-out pieces, twists, loops, and an overall tousled texture. If you’ve spent any time on TikTok since the start of 2020, you know two types of buns have absolutely ruled the collective consciousness: a very slick, tamped-down version, and a fun-loving party girl take. With this look, Gomez expertly combines both.

Really, it’s kind of the ideal style for the upcoming summer. The gelled-down front is stress-free, and the free-flowing rear is so casually cool. Leave it to Gomez to not only capitalize on two of the most popular hair trends in recent memory, but remix and fine-tune them both to suit her specific — and widely praised — personal style.