Selena Gomez Just Adopted Winter’s Favorite Shade Of Cozy, Toasted Blonde

Bye-bye, brunette.

Selena Gomez dark hair and red chrome nails

Selena Gomez is truly a master of subtle yet impactful hair tweaks. She’ll skim a few inches off her ends, pop in a tone-shifting gloss, or enhance her length with some waist-grazing extensions, and they’ll all deliver the same effect: an enhanced, fun refresh on her time-tested beauty signatures. By saving her major image overhauls for only the rarest occasions (ba-dum-hissss), she makes them all the more exciting — and latest look is the perfect example. Gomez’s blonde highlights are a full 180 from her usual rich shade of allover espresso brown. It’s also a decidedly wintry move, as the tones featured are cozy, burnt blondes that evoke all the best aspects of the holiday season. If lounging fireside in cashmere pajamas was a hair color, it would absolutely be Gomez’s newest.

The highlights aren’t the only adjustment the “Single Soon” singer made, either. Along with her toasted blonde highlights, Gomez appears to have undergone a fresh extension installation. Back in the first week of October, she walked the red carpet with a dark, shoulder-length bob that was confirmed to be an actual haircut. Now, that new hair color falls nearly to her elbows in sift layers, complete with some long, center-parted curtain bangs.

Gomez in Nov. 2023.@tombachik
Gomez in Oct. 2023.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The first dispatches of Gomez’s gold-toned transformation came courtesy of her glam team, who seemingly spent Thanksgiving over in Paris, working together on an as-yet-unannounced project. Practically simultaneously, hairstylist Philipp Verheyen, makeup artist Avia Solomon, and manicurist Tom Bachik all dropped photos of Gomez gussied up in a rhinestone-trimmed blazer and a smoldering stare.


Fans were so receptive to the look that they flooded her glam team’s mentions, alternating between emoji-accented praise and begging the professionals for Gomez to post the pictures on her permanent Instagram grid. The hair color, in particular, really earned its spot, too — this is her first significant shift since the (similarly trendy) dark-rooted platinum Gomez tried out back in early 2021.

Gomez in May 2021.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Considering her new highlights capture all the warm coziness of the holiday season, here’s to hoping the famously fast-moving star lets this color hang around for at least part of 2024.