Salma Hayek Let Her Gorgeous Natural Grays Shine At Wimbledon

She’s glowing.

Salma Hayek red lipstick

The annual Wimbledon tennis tournament is famously one of England’s biggest see-and-be-seen events of the entire calendar year. A-listers from every country flock to London, vying for the best court-side seats, always dressed in the most carefully-planned outfits and meticulously styled hair and makeup. Even if she wore a fresh-from-the-gym sweatsuit, though, something says Salma Hayek would stand out anyway. But the fact that she arrived at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club dressed in a summery striped shirt and cozy sweater, Hayek’s natural silver hair streaks left free to shine in the afternoon sun? It’s a wonder anyone could keep their eyes on the athletes with her in the stands.

Hayek’s never been the sort of celebrity to hedge her comments when it comes to the everyday aging process or the way her skin and hair have changed over the years. She’s famously shown off bits of gray and facial lines on Instagram with the same casualness with which she shares her coffee order, getting her audience comfortable with what should feel like the most natural thing in the world. While so many stars prefer to over up their grays with color — and there’s nothing wrong with that either, for the record — it’s refreshing to see an unobscured look at Hayek’s glistening silvers.

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

From her spot among the most prime seats in the venue, sat next to husband François-Henri Pinault, Hayek watched day seven of the championship unfold from behind a pair of glossy black rectangular sunglasses. Her dark hair, streaked with shimmery bits of grays, featured a middle part, which helped emphasize the long layers around her face. Interestingly, the direct sunlight also gives a better look at her overall hair color. Most of it is her usual striking shade of raven, while the ends are a lighter, warmer mocha.

But just because Hayek wanted to let her silver hair have a moment today doesn’t mean she wants to show it off all the time — being able to choose her look day-to-day is key. In fact, back in March, Hayek shared her on-the-fly hack for camouflaging the grays: she just coats a little bit of black mascara over the strands.

No matter what hair color she’s playing with on any given day, Hayek always draws focus.