Salma Hayek Figured Out A $3 Trick For Disguising Gray Hairs On The Fly

Beautiful and brilliant.

Salma Hayek medium length hair

Sometimes, the universe really does give with both hands. Not only is Salma Hayek a brilliant actor, legendary beauty, and wife of a billionaire, but she’s pretty damn clever too — and utterly unafraid to share her findings with her legion of fans. The Magic Mike 2 star has always been refreshingly open about how she tackles aging, speaking frankly about the way her face and body has changed over the years. Her latest disclosure, though, takes the cake. Hayek’s gray hair-covering hack is going viral online right now for several reasons. There’s the candid look at the silvery strands sprouting from her scalp and her humor-filled conversation style, but it’s the simplicity and ease of the trick that’s really worth noting.

In a brief video clip shared to Instagram, Hayek wrapped in a fluffy hotel robe, getting all dolled up for an event with her glam squad. The camera zooms in as she explains that sometimes, when she wants to camouflage her grays on the fly, she simply pulls out a classic black mascara, makes sure the wand is clean, and streaks it through the bits of hair she wants to darken. It’s instantly effective, taking only a few seconds to fully blend the colors together.

Hayek shares that her hairstylist Miguel Martin Perez taught her the clever trick, and while it’s not exactly clear the exact mascara she’s using, you can pick up an inky yet quick-drying version from brands like e.l.f. for as little as $3. A full round of color at the salon would set even a celebrity back by at least $500, so you can add frugal to the long list of things to love about Hayek.

This is far from the first time Hayek’s gotten real with fans about her distinguished grays. Sometimes, like in the video above, she likes to conceal them, but she’s just as content to let her natural self shine. Back in June 2023, she posted an unfiltered closeup of her fine-lined forehead and the halo of silver hair surrounding it. “Me waking up and counting how many white hairs and wrinkles have crashed the party this morning,” she captioned the pretty, sunlit photo.

Hayek’s relaxed attitude is worth emulating — and for moments when you’re feeling less-than-chill about the grays, there’s always mascara.