(Beauty Report Card)

TikTok Convinced Me To Buy This Color-Correcting Treatment & I’m So Glad I Did

The product recommendations are *spot* on.

I am someone who could be described as rather impressionable. My Instagram newsfeed is littered with posts from accounts like @dakotajohnsonscloset, I tend to think whoever spoke last won the argument, and my favorite book of all time is whichever one I’m reading right now. All of that is to say, I’m kind of TikTok’s target audience here. Every evening when I settle into bed with a cannabis gummy, it’s time to queue the app up and see what sort of beauty techniques I will absolutely be attempting that week, often with the assistance of makeup and skin care products TikTok also convinced me to buy. Since downloading the app in April last year (there truly was nothing else to do except scroll the FYP and dye my hair pink), I’d estimate I’ve tried out around two dozen products recommended by TikTok videos — but less than half of those have earned a permanent place in my routines.

To help my fellow impulse shoppers make sense of what’s actually worth purchasing, these are the absolute best products I’ve bought because of TikTok. Some of them are perennial favorites that made a splash back before “algorithm” was something people outside of the tech world cared about, and some are fresh releases just starting to gain serious traction. But the one thing they all have in common? They seriously work — and I’ve done the road-testing to prove it. Ahead, the eight best TikTok makeup and skin care products I’ve found... so far.

Cooluli Beauty 12 Liter Mini Skincare Fridge
Once the TikTok skin care products started arriving, the only thing left was a place to put them all. Fortunately, I became obsessed with a genre of videos in which college students share silent montages of their very organized mornings — and many of them featured little bedroom fridges reserved exclusively for skin care products. Convinced this was exactly what I needed to get my entire life in order, a tiny pink refrigerator now sits on my dresser, filled with sheet masks, moisturizers, jade rollers, and candy bars — although those belong to my boyfriend.