Meghan Markle’s Light-As-Air Manicure Will Make You Rethink Neutral Nails Altogether

What’s beyond Cloud 9?

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Meghan Markle layered haircut blowout

Long before the viral term “quiet luxury” was ever coined, Meghan Markle was living it. In fact, the entire concept was a major element of her now-legendary blog, The Tig — which is speculated to make an imminent comeback after a six-year hiatus. Markle’s signature style is steeped in stealth wealth essentials, which extends to her outfits, hairstyles, and manicures, too. Just look at Markle’s milky nails from her Archewell Foundation Parents’ Summit panel — they’re polished for sure, but coated in a demure blend of soft neutrals that doesn’t pull focus from her important message as she speaks into the microphone.

While glamorous takes on nude nails are enjoying a serious moment thanks to that same stealth wealth movement, Markle’s are especially noteworthy. Taking a closer look at the polish, it’s a just-opaque-enough combination of white and beige that together creates a clouded, milky effect every much in line with the season’s other major trend: latte-inspired everything. Markle’s entire look from the New York-based panel, part of a World Mental Health Day initiative, is a masterclass in repurposing summer staples for early fall. There’s her cozy, cream-colored clothing, of course, but it’s made all the chicer by her low, loose bun — upswept hair always confers confidence — and trademark smoky brown eye makeup.

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A mix of comfy-cute and seriously sophisticated, her head-to-toe choices are an ideal combination for an event of this nature — a conversation about parenting in the digital age, she speaks from a position of authority as well as from the heart. At the panel, Markle was joined by her husband, Prince Harry, who also discussed his own experiences as both a child and a parent in the spotlight.

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Several equally-stylish celebrities have been jumping on the milky nails wave lately, and with good reason — the mix of low-key tones makes it ideal for legitimately any event. In the past few months, stars like Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, and Dakota Johnson have all experimented with their takes on the look.

Jennifer Lopez’s milky manicure, adorned with nail art for her wedding to Ben Affleck.@tombachik

It can be tricky to find one specific polish with the perfect calibration of whites, creams, and nudes — be they beige, brown, or pink-toned — so don’t be afraid to layer on multiple shades to arrive at your ideal blend.

Maybe Markle will drop the exact polish combination on The Tig soon — she has already reactivated her Instagram account, after all.