Can You Guess Kourtney Kardashian’s Halloween Costume From Her Makeup Alone?

What else would you expect from the soon-to-be Mrs.Barker?

At this point, it wouldn’t be a shock to learn Kourtney Kardashian sleeps vampire-style in a coffin — it’d definitely be a king-sized one studded with Swarovski crystals and lined with black silk, but still. With every passing day, Kardashian’s aesthetic gets more and more alt (no doubt due to fiancé Travis Barker’s pop-punk influence), building up to the most Kravis day of the year: Halloween. Kardashian takes this holiday so seriously that she’s been test-driving decor and costumes practically since August. Finally, though, she’s sharing a glimpse of what’s in store for the big night(s). Kourtney Kardashian’s glittery goth makeup may ostensibly be part of her Halloween costume, but frankly, it’d absolutely work for any major night out — spooky or otherwise.

While it’s still unclear exactly what costume Kardashian is being made up for, evidence points to something major. In an Instagram story shared by the mogul, viewers can see two pairs of disembodied glam team hands — they belong to hairstylist Glen Oropeza and makeup artist Tonya Brewer — getting to work. Oropeza seems to be securing a wig cap to Kardashian’s head while eagle eyes can spot Brewer about to draw on some red lips with a Makeup By Mario lipliner.


Based on the high-arch brow bone highlight, red lips, and metallic grey-black eyeshadow, it’d be wise to bet on an Anjelica Huston-era Morticia Addams costume. If so, Barker would go as Gomez with their gaggle of adorable children filling out the rest of the Addams Family. And really, it’s a perfect group costume for the Kardashian-Barkers — the Addams are like their fictional alter egos with a glamourous, raven-haired matriarch, skull-obsessed father, and cool, quirky kids. Can’t you already see Penelope as the perfect Wednesday Addams?

But even if Kardashian’s costume is something completely different, the makeup is still the very definition of a glam night-out. Top the rounded eyeshadow wings with some fluttery falsies and it’s a perfectly high-drama look for any occasion. To get the look, extend some shimmery, steel-colored eyeshadow out and up into a brow-skimming curve — just like you would for a cat-eye look but rounded. Bring it all the way around towards your face, and nearly to your nose rather than down to the inner corner. The white brow bone highlight is crucial, too, as is the major burst of blush concentrated around her temples and upper cheekbones.

To get in on the undead glamour, recreate the look at home — either for a Halloween party or just espresso martinis with your buddies — with these similar products. It is Hot Haunted Girl Season, after all.

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