The Only Thing Better Than Celebrity Halloween Costumes Are The Matching Manicures

Yep, they all nailed it.

Christina Aguilera in glam clown costume and bloody nails

There are two types of people in this world: those who plan their Halloween costumes while summer is still in full swing, and those who have to physically fight for the last pair of sparkly black cat ears at Party City on October 30th. Most celebrities seem to fall in the former category. Maybe it's the unfettered access to custom costumes but no matter why stars go all-out for the holiday, thank goodness they do — scrolling through celebrity costumes is the most fun thing about November 1. But even among costumes, nothing can touch the creativity of celebrity Halloween nails.

Regardless of if they’re a finishing touch on an actual costume or just grazed by a spooky motif, you’re hard-pressed to find better holiday for elaborate manicures than Halloween. To provide a little mid-month inspiration, TZR is gathering up some of the all-time best celebrity Halloween nails, straight from the elite manicurists and nail artists who made them happen. Regardless of if you’re after blood like Christina Aguilera or some delicate glamour as seen on Ciara (as Megan Thee Stallion), there’s a nail set here to suit any costume aesthetic.

Cardi B

To play off the fiery, cartoon-chic shade of red found in her naughty nurse costume and matching waist-length wig, Cardi B and expert nail artist Jenny Bui settled on this Swarovski crystal-studded manicure in a captivating royal blue.

Katy Perry


As part of the promotional work for her Smile album, Katy Perry put a wildly glamorous spin on the classic clown look thanks to sky-blue makeup, drawn-on brows, and a constellation of reflective scales fixed to her nails. The shimmery look comes courtesy of Kim Truong, Perry’s go-to nail artist.

Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry, who is already a Halloween icon for her movie Twitches, opted for a glitter-soaked candy corn gel manicure, complete with solid orange accent pointer fingers. It’s the kind of subtly on-theme nail art that blends in with everyday outfits but still pulls plenty of double-takes.

Christina Aguilera


In another highly versatile Halloween nail art moment, Christina Aguilera’s blood-drip French manicure, designed by Kim Truong, saw the popstar through several Halloween festivities — including her glitter-accented glam clown costume. If you can’t commit to full-on Halloween nail art, these subtly spooky tips are a perfect touch.

Ciara (As Megan Thee Stallion)

Despite a whopping four Halloween costumes all dedicated to legendary Black female music stars (Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Janet Jackson), Ciara switched up her nails to match all of them. For her recreation of Megan’s Girls In The Hood cover, she teamed up with celebrity nail artist Miho Okawara for a set of baby pink tips all adorned with tiny chain links.

Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid could have gone for some over-the-top design to match her sexy prehistoric Halloween costume, but she opted for pure sleekness instead. These glossy black almond-shaped nails are both ideal for the costume and just witchy enough for an everyday infusion of the Halloween spirit.

Kim Kardashian

Even in the Great Halloween Content Drought of 2020, Kim Kardashian managed to deliver — she’s Kim K, what would you expect? Playing homage to the year’s biggest TV show, Kim Truong designed a set of intricate leopard-print falsies for a pitch-perfect Carole Baskin recreation.