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I Finally Found A Highlighter That Makes My Skin Look Airbrushed

The glow is real.

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A woman wearing Uoma Beauty's Limited Edition Highlighter and posing for a selife
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Highlighter is one of those magical beauty products that I could never quite figure out. It seems to completely transform a look when used on models and celebrities, offering such a dreamy and radiant glow that I’d really like to believe it’s just airbrushed skin. On the likes of Hailey Beiber and Jennifer Lopez, highlighting products create an effortless finish that illuminates their complexion ever so subtly — and seemingly easily. Just a swipe of highlighter and suddenly you’re supposed to transform into a goddess. In my reality, however, I could never figure out how to mimic that dewy, subtle shine without emphasizing all the textured nuances of my own skin. That is, until Uoma Beauty’s buzzy highlighter, Black Magic 'Coming 2 America' Zamundan Glow Up Color Palette, fell into my hands

A little background on my skin: I’ve had keratosis pilaris (you know, those little red chicken-skin-like bumps) and rosacea my whole life. While both conditions are benign, they’ve made it extra hard to find beauty products that diminish and don’t accentuate their symptoms. From foundation and concealer hacks to bronzer and blush tricks, there has been plenty of trial and error, and of course makeup mishaps, in getting my look just right. Although highlighter has remained the constant struggle in my makeup journey, I’ve been determined to conquer it once and for all.

I originally gravitated toward liquid formula highlighters, as they are easier to control in application and help illuminate dry skin (me) with a natural, dewy finish. However, my overall consensus with liquid highlighter is it sticks to my skin like an adhesive — as opposed to falling onto it like silk — suddenly making my keratosis pilaris bumps the main attraction on my face. It didn’t matter if I dab it ever so delicately along my cheekbones, use a Beauty Blender, a brush, or just my finger — the results have almost always been the same. I just can’t get it to properly blend without highlighting my textured skin. It was almost as if the liquid highlighter was removing the first layer of product on my skin, as opposed to working together to create the luminous complexion I was seeking.

I then moved on to powder formulas. I found more success here, despite this finish being heavier and more concentrated. With a soft and delicate contour brush, I was able to lightly apply the product so it fell nicely on top of my makeup. My only issue was finding the perfect shade and product to deliver a natural, sun-kissed sheen. Then I met Uoma’s aforementioned Black Magic 'Coming 2 America' Zamundan Glow Up Color Palette.

It was a product I had been wanting to try for quite some time, having heard rave reviews. I was also intimidated, given the limited-edition product looked heavily pigmented and included a trio of intense bronze shades I wasn’t used to wearing. At first, I used the lightest shade (a soft peach) in the trio to play it safe. I swiped it on and liked what I saw, becoming confident enough to layer on the bolder shades.

I stroked each of the three shades a few times delicately along my cheekbones to see what would happen, lightest to darkest layered on top of each other, starting from the highest point of my cheek, down. The colors looked absolutely stunning, each providing their own unique element, with a soft luminous highlight, a deeper bronzed glow, and a final golden shimmer. My cheekbones were brilliantly sculpted and I felt like a true queen. As the product description explains, “Our exquisitely crafted wet-powder formula lays down a smooth veil of pure and even color, melting into the skin like liquid light.” The formula is the perfect, anti-mattifying powder that sets into your skin just enough to create that dewy shine, sans impacting your existing makeup. I couldn’t be more obsessed.

I now wear this highlighter both day and night, layering on more product when glamming up and giving just a few delicate swipes of the lightest shade for a more subtle daytime glow. I’ve been asked multiple times when wearing it if I had my makeup professionally done — that’s how strong the effect is.


Given that it’s a limited-edition product, if you’re *thinking* about trying this incredible highlighter, I recommend you place your order ASAP. I’m stocking up so I don’t run out of this gem (at least for a very long time). For all the products I swear by for my go-to glow-up makeup look, keep on reading below.

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