Kendall Jenner’s Monochrome Mani Was Custom-Made To Match Her Car

Talk about a beauty flex.

Kendall Jenner selfie

Kendall Jenner’s always been the self-proclaimed old soul in her family, preferring to cruise around in vintage convertibles and dad jeans rather than the spaceship-style cars and intricate outfits favored by her famous sisters — and that goes double for her hair, makeup, and nail picks, too. Though she’s not totally averse to experimentation (see: those Met Gala bleached brows), she just seems to prefer a more classic approach. Case in point, her newest manicure. The model knows that while French tips come and go, a chic, solid-colored mani is always in style. Kendall Jenner’s lavender nails are a stark contrast to the two biggest nail themes right now: more-is-more maximalism and barely-there nudes. Her nail polish pick is a summertime staple, but in a nail art-obsessed world, they’re a surprising choice.

Of course, a Kardashian-Jenner manicure — even one as straightforward as Jenner’s — wouldn’t be complete without some sort of wild, opulent twist. In the case of this lavender manicure, it turns out the color was a customized pick to match the blue-tinged purple of Jenner’s 1960 Cadillac Eldorado. She showed off the pitch-perfect color coordination in an Instagram Story, tagging Modern Pamper Salon with her praise.


The celeb-loved salon in North Hollywood, Los Angeles is frequented by A-listers and seems to be Kar-Jenner family spot given all the famous sisters (Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, and Khloe) have gotten manicures there.

Given that celebrities from all corners the entertainment world from Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion to Cardi B and Kerry Washington have been experimenting with fun detailed nail art this year, it may come as a surprise that someone as trendy as Kendall Jenner would be going against the grain with a seemingly old school solid-colored manicure. But summer always brings about the trend of vibrant nail polish colors, so trust that in addition to 3D nails, and French manicure iterations you’re sure to see lots of simple yet bright, single-color manicures this season as well.