Keke Palmer’s Mosaic Manicure Was Created With Hundreds Of Tiny Crystals

A work of art.

Keke Palmer pink gloves

When it comes to Keke Palmer’s best ever looks — be it a standout hairstyle or an especially memorable red carpet ensemble — it’s all about the details. The little things seem to make the biggest difference. It’s never been more evident than in Palmer’s nail crystals, carefully arranged into a mosaic-style design that took her 2024 Webby Awards appearance on May 13 to the next level. Palmer even wore the show-stopping, jewel-covered set out to another special event the next day. Considering the speed at which she changes out her nails, opting for the same look back-to-back is like the ultimate endorsement.

Despite the hundreds of carefully-placed crystals scattered all over the long, stiletto-shaped nails, they easily matched both her satin Webby Awards gown and the more businesslike black dress she wore to the Amazon up-fronts. Part of that is thanks to the manicure’s color scheme, a soft beige-nude with an arrangement of gold, pewter, and champagne-colored crystals alongside metallic flecks. It’s the nail art equivalent of mixed metal jewelry, a way to incorporate several shades to ensure the set matches anything and everything.

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This fractal design, made to look almost like shattered glass, arrives less than a week after Palmer showed off a similar 3D nail look at the 2024 Met Gala. While her Met manicure was similar in tone — it, too, was all about the gleaming metallics — it was an undeniably more dressed-up take on the crystal look with more charms spaced closer together. That makes sense, of course, considering the glamorous venue, but it speaks to how versatile even the boldest charms and crystals can really be.

It’s not immediately clear which industry professional is behind Palmer’s Webby Awards manicure, but it might just be mononymic artist Christina, the creative who design that jewel-covered set for the Met Gala.

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Palmer’s latest look further solidifies the 3D nail trend in general, which makes texture as central of a focus as color, shape, and design. With yet another co-sign by Palmer, expect the craze to only get bigger — and more detailed — this summer.