Keke Palmer Could Have An Entire Book Dedicated To Her Best-Ever Hair Moments

Hit after hit after hit.

Keke Palmer hair

Keke Palmer is the best kind of beauty icon. She has her signatures and go-tos of course, but she is always up for experimentation. There isn’t a trend or craze the star hasn’t at least dipped her toe into, and the results are so consistently chic. The best part, though, might be just how often she cycles through colors and cuts. Chalk it up to the sheer number of projects she has going on at any given time, but it’s not uncommon to see her in a handful of different looks per week. As such, Palmer’s best hairstyles of all time are so wonderfully, radically varied.

In terms of color, there isn’t a lot the Password host hasn’t tried. She’s had dalliances with bright, bold pops of neon woven through like highlights, done all-over red, and indulged in every shade of blonde possible. She’s equally game to test out all sorts of different lengths, cuts, and protective styles, harnessing the power of high-quality wigs to go from a sharp, shoulder-clearing bob to waist-skimming waves in a matter of just a few hours. Enviably, each look seems to suit her better than the last.

Ahead, get reacquainted with some of Palmer’s best-ever hair moments from the past few years.

Full & Fluffed

Arturo Holmes/MG21/Getty Images

At the 2021 Met Gala, Palmer’s long curls were brushed out for maximum volume — and tons of extra glamour. The deep, wedged part just amplifies her hair’s luxe fullness.

Flipped-Out Bob


When Palmer debuted this ‘90s-inspired cut, you could practically hear the sound of her fans running to the salon to follow suit. She went for the most classic version of a bob possible, but added a cute little flip to the bottom for a bit of retro fun.

Icy Blonde Updo


Is it weird so describe Palmer’s wintry blonde Christmas style as a sultry take on Mrs. Claus? She looks straight out of the North Pole with her frosted hair color and matching bleached brows.

Strawberry Brunette Curls


The glamorous pile of curls would be enough for this style to make the best-ever list, but her sweet strawberry brunette color hair color just takes it all to the next level. The cool-toned red is a gorgeous complement to her spring-green gown.

Jumbo Braids


Palmer’s protective styles are always something special. For this event, she opted for long, nearly knee-length jumbo braids, all equally glossy and perfectly plaited.

Bouncy Blowout


Have you ever seen a blowout more stunningly shaped? Every inch of her medium-brown curls are infused with shine, volume, and just enough bend to really emphasize her incredible bone structure.

Sultry Shaggy Bangs


Long, shaggy bangs are having a moment right now, but of course Palmer was ahead of the curve, debuting this look in late 2023. Not only are her curls streaked with hints of warm red, the fringe’s length grazes her lashes for a coquettish effect.

Cherry-Red Locs


It doesn’t get more summery than Palmer’s bright cherry locs, all gathered up into a big, voluminous bun. The coolest part, however, are the tiny beads and charms affixed to the locs.

High-Shine Ringlets


Proof Palmer would be a star in any era is right here. Her ‘80s-inspired curls are so full and lush, falling over one eye like a true video vixen.

Hint Of Honey


Just a touch of blonde adds dimension to Palmer’s medium-length curls, but that’s all she needs for this spring- and summer-ready look. The added height through her bands and layers are too fun for a warm night out with friends.