Kehlani Managed To Fit Every Shade Of Blue Into Her New Manicure

Utterly mesmerizing.

Kehlani blue highlights

Amid a jam-packed schedule and major international tour, it’s a wonder Kehlani ever has a moment to herself, much less time to partake in the season’s most exciting beauty trends. But the Blue Water Road singer has always had a creative eye for blending different aesthetics and styles together to create something fully their own — and that goes for everything from set design and costuming to her beauty choices. Kehlani’s stiletto nails, covered in blue glitter and shimmering rhinestones, are just one of many major beauty moments shown off by the superstar this month but it’s one of the most breathtaking.

Every time you look at Kehlani’s sparkly blue manicure, you notice something else new — the different shades of cobalt, the larger rhinestones placed among the glitter, the ultra-sharp point of the nail shape themselves. In a series of photos shared on her Instagram wildly popular account, Kehlani shows off the light-catching nails after her show in Houston, Texas. Paired with their glossy, side-swept bangs and rose-tinted lipgloss, the look is fun, free, and so glamorous. In fact, the nails match the subtle pieces of blue highlights she was wearing on another tour stop just a few days earlier.

While the icy blue nails are mesmerizing, they’re far from the first incredible manicure Kehlani’s worn on this current tour — though she usually favors deliciously dramatic styles, lengths, and adornments. Notably, stiletto shapes aren’t too common in Kehlani’s nail oeuvre. In the past few months alone, they’ve donned square-shaped and coffin-shaped nails, and given the real nail beds beneath plenty of time to rest. Of course, Kehlani routinely shows off her natural nails and shorter lengths, too, even bringing the best demure French tip squared-off manicure to a Grey Goose event in New York City.

Blue-colored everything is undoubtedly one of the biggest beauty trends of the season. Blue eyeshadow has been spotted on everyone from Lizzo to Kendall Jenner to Taylor Swift’s new album cover, and Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Dua Lipa have all been loving every possible shade of blue nails. Call it the world’s blue period — and expect to be in it for a while.