Kehlani’s Two-Toned Hair Perfectly Matched Her Edgy Vibe At NYFW

Cruella, who?


It’s well-known that Fashion Week is just as much about the attendees’ looks as it is about the ones coming down the runway. The highly anticipated event brings together the world’s trendiest and most creative people, so it only makes sense that the week winds up being a smorgasbord of unforgettable style moments, from hair to makeup to clothes. As New York’s Fall Fashion Week continues, more and more stars are bringing out their best and boldest beauty looks yet. Singer Kehlani’s edgy two-toned hair is shaping up to be one of the highlights of the week, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Singer Kehlani first debuted the half blonde, half-brunette look at the end of July, but NYFW is where it’s really getting a chance to shine. Yesterday she posted Instagram pictures of a new, shag-like cut with face-framing bangs. “Let the games begin, NYFW,” she wrote in the caption; and begin, they certainly did. She later shared another snap sporting the same hairstyle at the Prabal Gurung show (along with a black suit and daring fishnet-style top).

However, it seems like Kehlani experimented with both long and short versions of her center-parted, two-toned hair. At the Peter Do show, the singer was decked out in a rust-colored suit, with what appears to be long-again hair tucked into the blazer, giving a faux-bob effect. She also shared a photo of her exiting a car in a more casual outfit, her long hair in full view.

Kehlani’s NYFW hair is courtesy of hairstylist Kahh Spencer, who has been working with her since 2017, and whose star-studded clientele includes Cardi B, Normani, Justine Skye, and Kelly Rowland. When Kehlani first revealed her two-toned color, she credited hairstylist Preston Wawa, so it can probably be assumed that her NYFW look is a joint collaboration between them.

Regardless, the edgy style totally suits her — and is giving Cruella de Vil a run for her money.