Adele Just Made A Strong Case For This Moody Summer Nail Trend

You’ll want to try it.

Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Adele’s classic beauty looks have become a signature of sorts. While her aesthetic has certainly matured over the years, she never strays too far from retro silhouettes, glamorous hairstyles, and, of course, her beloved cat-eye. When it comes to her nails, she tends to keep things simple and neutral, often going for a good old French manicure or a nude shade, but this week, Adele’s black nails made a strong case for summer’s most unexpected beauty trend.

You might remember seeing black nails infiltrate your Instagram feed back in the fall and winter months. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and even Adele herself wearing the vampy shade which was somewhat unexpected because of the (still-ongoing) nail art craze. When others were opting for chrome tips and jewel embellishments, this group of A-listers kept things classic.

As the summer heats up, though, many are prompted to try something a little more vibrant. Adele, however, remains immune to the whims of seasonal trend cycles. For her second day of performances at London's Hyde Park, the singer looked retro-glam as ever in a set of long, black nails courtesy of her nail artist, Michelle Humphrey. While the beauty of a black manicure is that it can go with pretty much any look, Adele’s nails tied perfectly together her all-black ensemble, which included an off-the-shoulder dress with billowing sleeves.

If you’re not feeling a solid mani but want to try out the black nail trend, there are a variety of subtler options. One that you might see circulating this summer is the black French manicure, which TZR deputy beauty editor Hannah Baxter is particularly intrigued by — and one that she notes can “transition seamlessly into fall.”

“I haven’t hit French manicure exhaustion quite yet, but I’m looking to change up the classic white or cream vibe with something a little more dramatic,” she says. “Black French tip nails are an elegant twist on the traditional design, and since the ‘once an emo kid, always an emo kid’ refrain is very much true, I’ll happily wear this moody mani all through summer and into fall.”