Katie Holmes’ ‘Sun-Kissed Auburn’ Hair Could Be Summer’s Hottest New Shade

Move over, ‘“rich girl brown”.

Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images
Katie Holmes Michael Kors New York Fashion Week 2024

With some celebrities dyeing their hair dark for the summer (ie: Rihanna’s latest espresso color with chunky highlights and Joey King’s strikingly dark roots), you may have thought that going lighter and brighter this season has become passé. But rest assured, sun-kissed hues are still going strong, and strawberry shades are particularly in-demand. Rose gold was one of the biggest spring 2024 hair color trends, and based on the fact that both Elle Fanning and Margot Robbie were recently spotted with blonde variations (albeit for upcoming film roles), it seems that coppery, reddish tones are going to be sticking around a little longer. The latest star to join this club? Katie Holmes, who just switched things up to a sun-kissed auburn that fits right in to the strawberry family.

Holmes’ medium brown hair has stayed somewhat consistent since as early as her Dawson’s Creek days, with mostly subtle changes here and there (save for her sleek, dark bob in the mid-aughts). But when she touched down in Paris to attend the PATOU show for Haute Couture Fashion Week on Thursday, June 27th, her mid-back length waves were noticeably brightened with warm honey balayage highlights, and even her base had a hint of reddish undertones that looked especially strawberry-ish in the sunlight.

In contrast, her late winter, early spring shade was a fairly one-dimensional deep brown with a slight reddish cast — so her summer hair seems like a natural progression for the season. Holmes’ coppery highlights could be seen on her recent trip to Italy, where she promoted her feature Rare Objects, but when hairdresser Leigh Keates posted a closer look to her Instagram on Wednesday, the new hue looked even lighter, brighter, and more sun-kissed than ever.

What’s so gorgeous about Holmes’ color change is how organic it feels — almost like she simply doused her hair in lemon juice and let the sun do its thing. But before you leave your highlights in the hands of the citrus gods, it’s important to note that brightening up dark hues can be a very nuanced process, and one best left to the professionals if you want yours to look like it’s been lightened by the sun like Holmes’ does.