Bookmark These Spring Hair Colors Now For Your Seasonal Refresh

Soft girl shades are back.

spring 2024 hair colors

Despite the blistering winds and sudden bouts of snow, spring is on the horizon. Pretty soon, the temperatures will warm, the frost will melt, and the blistering days of winter will be a thing of the past. As you wait for that glorious day to arrive, you should start planning your beauty looks for the months ahead. The internet is brimming with inspiration, from trendy haircuts to cool manicures, but sometimes you need a bit more to feel refreshed. That’s where the spring 2024 hair color trends come into play. Like the season itself, they usher in a sense of renewal. Plus, with a range of options, there’s a hue for everyone.

This spring, colorists are opting for vibrant colors to lift the hair and give it a multidimensional feel. Yes, they’re lighter than winter’s deep, dark tones, but they’re not the least bit dull. “It’s all about dynamic shades,” says L’Oréal Paris celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Yepez. Instead of boring and drab, she tells TZR that these options use undertones and soft highlights to liven up the final result. “This is the season to experiment and play with different hues,” she says.

Below, TZR spoke with three of the industry’s top colorists to break down this spring’s top hair color trends. Read on to see the popular looks for the season ahead.

Platinum Ice Blonde

Blondes are always a popular option once winter settles. While subtler versions were trendy for fall, Lauren Mildice, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, predicts that icy platinum styles will be trending next. The stylist notes that there’s been an uptick in interest thanks in part to the milky white hues Beyoncé has sported in the last few months. This look is less yellow and leans into a soft vanilla color — think decadent Chantilly cream.

Of course, considering your hair’s texture and current color is important before opting to go platinum. But Yepez mentions bringing a photo of your celebrity inspiration always helps. “Showing your stylist a picture beforehand can give them an idea of the look you’d like them to recreate and will help them find the best match for you,” she says. Additionally, she recommends adding a toning gloss, like L’Oreal Paris Le Color Gloss One Step Toning Gloss, to your routine to ensure your blonde doesn't get too brassy as it grows out.

Caramel Candy

Like blonde, there are many facets to brunette hair. Rich chocolate shades typically rule the colder months. However, when the weather warms, a lighter hue is preferred. For spring 2024, Mildice, tells TZR that caramel is the way to go. “It’s not too blonde or too dark and instead feels very lively and modern,” she says. You may think that brown hair sounds bland, but as Mildice explains, this color is all about dimension and depth — think the creamy tones of the classic candy. She adds that using the balayage technique is the best way to ensure that your hair looks lively and fresh. The trick is to start with a deep brown base and then use the caramel to add the balayage highlights.

While any texture can sport this color, Mildice mentions that natural curls and waves are great for showing off the complexity of the hue. “The idea is to have the strips of caramel accentuate the curl pattern,” she says. For the best result, she suggests having your stylist highlight small strands and balayage around the face or hairline. The French technique is known for its long-lasting results, but you should still plan for some upkeep during the season. “Six to 12 weeks is the most ideal, but be sure to consult with your colorist to find the best time for a refresh,” says Mildice.

Spicy Red

2023 may as well have been the year of redheads. Everyone, from celebrities to influencers, seemed to sport the trend at some point. The latest version to take center stage embraces coppery undertones for a spicer new hue. With the rise of cowgirl copper and even the bropper hair trend, Mildice tells TZR that a murky volcanic blend will be the look come spring. “This color is all about balance,” she says. It’s soft yet powerful and eliminates the neon undertones that sometimes come with a vivid copper shade. Maintaining the look will take some effort, as red is notoriously difficult to sustain, but it’s not impossible. “With this hair color, you will have a line of demarcation, so you’ll need to have it touched up every four to six weeks to ensure it stays smooth,” she says.

Bronzed Brunette

Caramel isn’t the only brunette hue to look forward to this spring. Alexis Yoshico, colorist at Jerome Lordet Salon in New York, tells TZR that bronze will be just as favorable. Brown is particularly easy to maintain year-round, so it’s unsurprising to see a medium-toned variation take the spotlight this season. But this version has a twist.

Unlike the chestnut options from winter, bronze aims to look a little less organic. Yoshico explains that the goal is to achieve a prominent color that teeters the line of appearing natural. To get the perfect balance, she recommends opting for balayage instead of a single process. “This highlighting technique is healthier and will make maintenance a breeze,” she says.

Butter Blonde

If platinum isn’t your speed, a buttery color can be a good alternative. The softer shade relies on creamy golden tones and rich, honeyed hues to deliver a more natural blonde. Yoshico mentions that this version of the classic hair color also requires much less maintenance than its icy counterpart. But that doesn’t mean you're out of the woods in terms of upkeep. After all, you want your locks to stay shiny post-appointment. That said, she recommends using a hydrating shampoo and incorporating a lightweight oil such as Olaplex No7. Bonding Oil into your hair care routine.

Rose Gold

Red and blonde are two of the hottest colors for spring. But if you can’t settle on just one, consider a blend, such as rose gold. Essentially a deeper strawberry blonde, the hue combines the best elements of each shade and is timely for the spring season. According to Yoshico, vivid single colors have become less in demand. Instead, people are opting for vibrant hues that offer dimension. “Rose gold is wearable but still unique enough to give you a different look,” she says.

Beyond its appearance, Yoshico notes that it has several other benefits. For starters, it lasts a lot longer than a traditional red. “This is a hair color that you can enjoy even as it begins to grow out,” she says. It can also easily be transformed into a lighter or darker shade as the seasons change.

If you’re looking for a fun refresh this spring, these hair colors are a great place to start.