Margot Robbie’s Blunt Bangs Show Off Her Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

A hit of red.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images
Margot Robbie blazer

If life imitates art, expect to see an absolute wave of reddish-blonde hair — and tons of blunt bangs — this summer. Margot Robbie’s always been a tastemaker, celebrated for her red carpet looks and off-duty style alike, but her on-set beauty and fashion choices are honestly equally impactful — just look at the Barbie mania that swept the world last year. She’s at it again, too. Photographs of the star filming her upcoming project, A Big Bold Beautiful Journey, show Robbie with strawberry blonde hair and a new set of classic, straight-across bangs. Judging by the reception the color-cut pairing is already receiving online, it’s safe to assume you’ll come across a crop of copycats sooner rather than later.

While the exact setting and plot details of the Kogonada-directed film are still top-secret for now — it’s described only as “an imaginative tale of two strangers and the emotional journey that connects them” — this early look at Robbie’s hair and costume suggests it’s a modern one. The photos taken in Los Angeles show her with a long, red-toned blonde blowout, with a portion of the hair pulled back into a half-up style. Soft but blunt bangs frame her face and blend in with a smattering of longer layers.


As is the case with most filmed projects, it’s hard to definitively know if Robbie underwent a true dye job for the role, or if she’s simply wearing an excellent wig. What is clear, though, is just how natural the strawberry color looks on her. Usually, the producer-actor sports a bright, butter blonde, and this new shade is only a few degrees different, punched up by warm golden red tones. Not only does Robbie look like she was born with the color, but it happens to be a top trend for spring and summer. Strawberry blonde and it’s deeper sister shade, rose gold, have been described as very much in-demand as the weather warms up. Alexis Yoshico, colorist at Jerome Lordet Salon in New York, previously told TZR that these softer, hybrid-style colors are edging out more vibrant single-tone alternatives. “This is a hair color that you can enjoy even as it begins to grow out,” Yoshico explains, and it can even be adjusted to be lighter or darker as the seasons change.

Only time will tell is Robbie’s color is the real deal, but it really doesn’t matter — an aesthetic change this fun is always welcome.