Joey King Went ‘Playboy Blonde’ For Summer & It’s So Incredibly 2000s


Joey King bob

It doesn’t seem like the grip the early 2000s has on culture is loosening any time soon — if anything, the era’s influence is only growing. There’s a renewed interest in the time period’s music, movies, and fashion, of course, but incorporating its beauty crazes might be the easiest way to channel that vibe into everyday life. Joey King did just that over the weekend as she attended a pair of back-to-back events in with a new, 2000s-inspired hair color that some might just be surprised to learn is trending once again. King’s dark roots, carefully blended into a freshly-dyed shade of platinum blonde, is bold, striking, and more than a little nostalgia-inducing. And unlike so many celebrity hair colors of the moment, it’s both easy to achieve and shockingly low maintenance.

Celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos unveiled King’s new look on Instagram on June 23, just ahead of her appearances at both a movie premiere and the Vogue World 2024 fashion show celebration. He fittingly dubbed the color combination “Playboy blonde”, a nod to the big, platinum hair seen on legendary Bunnies like Pamela Anderson, Holly Madison, and Anna Nicole Smith. Because the ultra-pale shade is so stark, it wasn’t uncommon to see even major stars with a deep brown root smudge, often placed intentionally to disguise grow-out.

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King’s roots are a bit deeper and longer than the sort typically seen in the early 2000s, added for drama and an exaggerated effect — it really makes the lighter shade seem all the brighter by contrast. It still perfectly captures the spirit of the era, leaning into the fun irreverence that defined much of that particular decade.

These days, a darker top portion is often referred to as a “root smudge” or “root shadow” by stylists, carefully blended into the main color for a more natural feel and to extend the look in-between sessions.

Pamela Anderson in 2003.Evan Agostini/Getty Images
Holly Madison in 2005.Bruce Gifford/FilmMagic/Getty Images
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Together, Giannetos and King have been on a serious streak with coining buzz y new hair trends. After experimenting with pink waves, pixie cuts, and a dark reddish-brown, they kicked off the summer with a jaw-length chop Giannetos named the “Prada bob” — and it went massively viral. With the introduction of “Playboy blonde”, it looks like they’ve got another big hit.