Jennifer Lopez’s XXL Winged Eyeliner Taps Into A Beloved Gen Z Trend

This is her now.

Jennifer Lopez long hair

In many respects, this might just be one of the biggest months of Jennifer Lopez’s life. There’s Valentine’s Day, of course, a favorite of the notoriously romantic star, but it’s also the week the world hears and sees her new visual album, This Is Me...Now, out Feb. 16. As Lopez’s first musical release in 10 years — and the first since her rekindled romance with husband Ben Affleck — it’s an especially exciting time for Lopez. Accordingly, she’s stretching her aesthetic vision as far as it can go, trying out a new, experimental look for the big premiere. Lopez’s graphic eyeliner was a perfect choice for the red carpet celebration, which she attended on Affleck’s arm. The cosmetic choices differ from Lopez’s usual recipe of subtly shimmery eyeshadow and smudgy, sultry lash lines, but that’s kind of the whole point — this is is her now.

The makeup look, created by celebrity-favorite pro Mary Phillips, features an inky, onyx wing that arcs over her lid crease and connects with the sharp, darker liner seen through Lopez’s lower lash line. It comes to a fine point at the ends, a trend known on social media as “siren eyes” for its instantly alluring effect.


But this is Lopez, and she’s debuting what might be the most significant project of her career — she can’t stop at just an intricate, laser-precise liner look. To kick it up a notch, steely silver glitter is pressed in the gap between the wings, making her eyes look huge and sparkling. Naturally, the luxe diamond earrings help maximize the shine, too.


This graphic eyeliner technique is a newer one for Lopez, but already a popular trend in its own right. It really reached critical mass after showing up in a million different iterations on HBO’s Euphoria, which helped it become a legitimately generation-defining look. Lopez’s This Is Me...Now album is all about tapping into different sides of the star, so trying out a fresh twist on her trademark style makes perfect sense.

As Lopez enters a new musical era, she seems to be bringing updated aesthetics with her, too.