Jennifer Aniston’s Been Quietly Influencing Nail Trends For Years

Of course she has.

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When you’re on Jennifer Aniston’s level, do you really need to do that much experimentation? It’s kind of impressive really — even relying on the most classic manicure colors and their subtlest variations, Aniston’s best nails ever are still so wildly influential. It doesn’t matter if she’s the first star to debut an about-trend-trend take on red or fueling an already-hot craze á la milk bath manis, the confidence and ease with which she wears them makes it look like she’s the very first one to ever try it out.

Not one for nail art, French tips, or even much sparkle, it’s apt to compare Aniston’s best-ever polish colors to her famously sleek wardrobe. Just as she favors little black dresses, sharp jackets, and down-to-earth pairs of jeans, she seems to gravitate toward timeless nail trends, too. Most often, you’ll find the star of The Morning Show in a glossy nude or soft baby pink, but when she does take a step out of that comfort zone, all bets are off — and copycats will abound. In fact, you might just call her the most low-key nail influencer in the industry.

Ahead, take a little trip through some of Aniston’s all-time great manicures.

Deep Cherry Red

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Just as deep, rich reds were starting to make their way to the forefront of the beauty trendsphere, Aniston showed the shade off and took it to new heights. Her particular manicure is a masterful combination of brown and red, created a vintage, noir effect that complements any outfit color.

Midnight Black


An inky black pedicure acts at the perfect foil to Aniston’s otherwise-beige outfit — shoes included. She actually kept the color concentrated on just her toes, leaving her fingernails bare, which lets the deep, moody shade appear even sharper.

Muted Mauve

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Somewhere between a purple, brown, and red, this dusty mauve manicure is a subtle way to incorporate just a hint of statement-making color. It fits right in with her silver spangled gown and black clutch, but allows them both to shine on their own.

Earthy Brown


Aniston’s appearance on People Magazine’s 50th anniversary cover made headlines for several seasons, least of all the warm shade of earth painted on her short, natural nails. In certainly lighting they appear darker, but under the flash, they’re a sandy-toned brown suitable for all seasons.

Soft Baby Pink

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A classic for a reason, Aniston’s light pink nails feature plenty of warmth and saturation. Not so bright as to veer into candy-colored territory nor so sheer that bits of her own nails peek through, they’re that ideal middle ground for more demure moments.

Bright Burgundy

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Cheery, violet-adjacent, and bright, Aniston’s Bordeaux pedicure is perfect for seasonal transitions — any of them, really. Universally appealing and not too flashy, they’re a fun alternative to a true red.

Sandy Nude

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Not all nudes are the same — and Aniston would know, she’s tried them all. Instead of a pink-toned, flesh-colored manicure, she chose this sandy, peachy beige that blends right in with her skin to make her fingers look long and sleek.

Milk Bath French

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There’s a reason the milk bath nail trend still has such a grip on Hollywood. It’s a creamy blend of white and pink, but is just sheer enough to see the natural tips of her nails like a pseudo-French manicure. Who could resist?