Jennifer Aniston Is Changing The Narrative On “Seasonal” Polish Colors

And looking incredible.

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images
Jennifer Aniston layers

Jennifer Aniston’s always done her own thing regardless of public opinion — and that’s the real mark of a true star. Her “I could care less if you like it” attitude has made her one of the most enduring icons of her generation, and that approach touches everything from her red carpet looks to the acting projects she chooses. It even covers her manicure choices. Just look at Aniston’s brown nails on People magazine’s commemorative 50th anniversary cover. Released only days ago, conventional wisdom would dictate an explicitly spring shade of polish — think a cheery pink, nature-inspired green, or even a poppy red. But by opting for a color most often reached for in the fall and winter, she’s flipping the script on seasonal manicures and proving that brown is indeed the chicest neutral one could reach for.

Shot by photographer Art Streiber, the special edition covers feature both a doubled-sided ensemble shot of Aniston posing with fellow legendary A-listers like Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, and Viola Davis, as well as an individual, animated look of the Friends star popping a bottle of champagne. In both photographs, Aniston’s short, natural nails are filed into a soft square shape and shellacked in a shiny brown polish.


It appears that her sandal-clad pedicure is done up in the same shade, which looks darker in the ensemble photo thanks to the lighting. That’s the beauty of a brown polish, though — adjust the brightness or move by a window and it’s like several different colors in one.

As a neutral, just like light pink, sandy taupes, beige-grays, and true blacks, brown goes with absolutely everything, making it an ideal choice for matching anything in your wardrobe. But despite its impressive versatility, its popularity largely spikes around autumn and winter. It’s true that brown is a key part of any fall color palette, but Aniston proves that it’s an ideal pick year-round, too. Considering her excellent taste in manicures — she’s recently been spotted in dark red, arguably the color of winter 2023-2024 — her lead is worth following here.