Hailey Bieber’s Latest Hair Transformation Is Giving Major Rachel Green Vibes

This cut really never goes out of style.


If you’re considering a getting a bob haircut this winter and haven't pulled the trigger yet, there is more than enough celebrity inspiration out there to ease you in. It seems a new A-list celebrity chops off a few inches every two weeks, making it clear that the bob is the it hairstyle this season. Now Hailey Bieber is the latest celebrity to hop on the trend, debuting a lob (long bob) very reminiscent of the hairstyle donned by TV icon Rachel Green — played by Jennifer Aniston — in the classic sitcom Friends.

Bobs aren’t new by any means, but when Kourtney Kardashian went short a few months ago, it seems to have triggered a domino effect in Hollywood and ignited a resurgence of the iconic haircut. Stars including, Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez have also debuted shorter locks, and as of October 21, Bieber has officially joined the ranks.

The model’s hair stylist Bryce Scarlett, who is responsible for the chic chop, shared a picture of Beiber to his Instagram story. Paired with a black leather bodice top, the new haircut gives off major ‘90s vibes.

Taking a closer look though, Bieber’s hair has been just a bit passed her shoulders for a while now, so this cut isn’t as dramatic of a change as most people’s bob transformations. It does look like Scarlett added some layers and feathering to her ends before curling them in though. The added center part makes the look the perfect blend of ‘90s meets Gen Z.

@brycescarlett via Instagram Stories

The model posted to her own Instagram feed to share the major hair moment, captioning the image “🍄.” It’s possible that the mushroom emoji is an inside joke or is meant to speak to the curled ends of her hair, which almost mirror a mushroom top. Fans and followers flooded to Bieber’s comments to express their awe over her new look saying, “omg what!!!!!😍😍😍” and “QUEEEEN🔥🔥”

Bieber isn’t new to channeling past eras in her fashion and beauty looks so it comes as no surprise that her latest look is reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends circa Seasons 3 through 5. Now if you don’t quite remember what Rachel Green’s hair looked like in Friends no worries. Jennifer Aniston herself just took a trip down memory lane on her Instagram, reminiscing about the character’s iconic hairstyles, tagging her just-launched hair care brand Lola Vie.

In comparison, the ends of Bieber’s new haircut are a bit more curled inward than that of Rachel Green’s, but we wouldn't be surprised to find out that Bieber showed her stylist a picture of Jennifer Aniston circa 1996 and asked to recreate her look.

Now the wait is back on for the next celebrity to ditch their long strands in favor of the timeless bob.

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