Hailey Bieber’s Date Night Hair Tutorial Features This $6 Drugstore Staple

She's spilling all her secrets, one product at a time.

Hailey Bieber taking Instagram mirror selfie with green sunglasses

In prehistoric (read: pre-Instagram) times, if you wanted to know the precise shade of red lipstick Tracee Ellis Ross wears to the gym or the exact dye used on Emma Stone’s hair, you were out of luck unless it just so happened to be shared in a print interview. Now, the stars and their glam teams are happy to offer information up directly to their fans — and for the record, the answers are MAC Ruby Woo and Redken Flashlift with these color tubes, respectively. The same goes for Hailey Beiber’s hair routine, just shared on her hugely popular YouTube account.

Bieber’s been spotted galavanting around the literal world this summer in one of two go-to styles she can’t seem to get enough of: wrapping her muted blonde hair up in a hyper-chill ‘90s-inspired claw clip, or letting it tumble around her shoulders in defined, glossy waves. That second style, the perfect mix of refined glamour and utter casualness, is described by Bieber as her favorite hair look to style herself for a big night out. Now, she’s sharing exactly how she makes the loose waves happen, including specific products and the professional-approved techniques she’s learned over the years.

After the video’s brief introduction, Bieber explains how key the style’s preparation is. Before nary a flat iron touches her hair, she likes to spritz a volumizing spray in damp hair for height and body. Bieber says she’s partial to Ouai’s version, which is no surprise considering how close she is to founder Jen Atkin — and how incredible the spray actually smells. From there, Bieber blowdries her hair before firing up her Dyson flat iron (which Atkin also turned her on to, Bieber shares) and coating the just-dried hair in IGK’s cult-classic Beach Club texturizing spray.

Hailey Bieber

After clipping her hair into tiered sections, Bieber says she goes “piece by piece, section by section” and bends the flat iron in what she describes as a wave motion, gently bending hair into S-like shapes. As she waves her hair, she explains: “If I were going out for dinner or going out on date night, this is typically the hair I’m going to do for an evening of fun.”

For every layer of hair Bieber waves, she sprays more texturizing spray for grip, volume, shape, and its mattifying effect. “I have really sleek, silky hair, and when you’re trying to do anything with an iron, I feel like sometimes it just slides out — this [texturizing spray] helps with that.” With the flat iron, she also warns not to close the clamps too tight lest it leaves an imprint where the iron’s plates were. The overall vibe of the hair, Bieber explains, is how she’d also describe her general style right now: messy, undone, and lived-in. She says it doesn’t matter if the waves are perfectly uniform or especially shiny, preferring the more effortless look.

Hailey Bieber

Bieber says for the top and final layer of her hair, she starts her waves around her ears to avoid leaving those pesky dents — she also says she goes back and re-waves pieces from other layers to ensure they’re all blended. "To finish it off, I’ll hit it one more time with the texturizing spray and kind of rough it up, especially around my face.” She also adds a coat of dry shampoo in the hopes that the style will last well into to the next day. “My last last step is to take a really light hairspray — not a super hard-hold hairspray — and spray it lightly on both sides. And that’s it!”

The final result is exactly as Bieber described: pretty and romantic, but casual and relaxed. With her product breakdowns and easy-to-follow steps, here’s hoping she keeps the tutorials coming.

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