Living Proof’s New Dry Shampoo *Actually* Mimics The Look & Feel Of A Shower

This is huge.

Living Proof
Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo cans piled up against purple background

It takes a seriously effective brand to name an entire collection “Perfect Hair Day.” Really, with the sweat, humidity, frizz, and flatness that can infiltrate even the most meticulously styled hair, a collection title like that requires unshakable confidence in the products, knowing users will immediately want to put it to the test. But that’s probably also why the brand itself is named Living Proof. The line’s try-it-and-see-for-yourself mentality has earned scores of fans, awards, and rave reviews, but its latest release is a high-tech update on the most versatile hair product out there: dry shampoo. Living Proof PhD Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo manages to do the impossible, simulating the look and feel of an in-shower wash — the ultimate goal of every dry shampoo ever made. But while so many others claim to give just-washed results only to leave behind a snowscape of hard-to-blend white powder, sticky residue, and heaviness, this spray actually delivers.

The key to Living Proof’s newest hair care innovation dovetails into three distinct yet interconnected aspects, but none of them would exist without the brand’s dedication to market research and science-powered solutions. The consensus among dry shampoo users polled — and those who really know — is how that thick white powder can often just sit in hair, making it feel even dirtier than before. To combat that, Living Proof developed an eliminating system that removes those activated powders to mimic the look and touch of a real shower — it’s built into the formula, too.

Together with the removal system, the product’s dispenser (the nozzle is designed for a smooth, even application) and an infusion of lighter-than-air conditioning ingredients work in unison for an overall effect that’s uncannily similar to a rinse-out wash. And that’s not just the marketing talking, either. In consumer studies conducted by Living Proof, participants agreed that the dry shampoo cleans as well as regular shampoo and gives hair a fresh-out-of-the-shower look and feel.

That said, sometimes a lived-in texture full of grip and grit is exactly what’s needed — and for that, Living Proof’s incredible-smelling original dry shampoo formulation is still available.

But when a shower simply feels like way too much effort (and it so often does), there’s finally a real solution. The proof is in the powder.

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