Dyson Just Added A Straightener To Its Styling Lineup & It’s Bound To Sell Out

Courtesy of Dyson

It’s easy to wonder how you can actually reimagine a straightener. Two plates and some heat seem to be just fine for getting the job done, and it appears that the beauty industry agrees. However, the same could be said for blow dryers until Dyson launched its sleek Supersonic hair dryer — so it was only a matter of time before the company presented another innovation for a product no one knew needed innovating. This time, it was in the form of the $500 Dyson Corrale straightener.

The price tag is undoubtedly steep, which isn't uncommon for the brand's line of hair products; in fact, you won't find any hair tool under $400. But seeing that Dyson's Airwrap sold out within weeks, and how much hype surrounded its hair dryer, it makes sense why the Corrale would be worth looking into.

After seven years of research, Dyson flipped the switch on what's often expected of a flat iron and created a cordless tool that’s powered by four-cell lithium-ion battery technology that can give you up to 30 minutes of use from a full charge (which takes about 70 minutes to reach). Its universal power source also makes traveling worldwide with this product much easier, and its flight-safe mode allows you to remove the lithium battery before flying. (That said, due to stricter travel regulations in Japan, you wouldn't be able to take this particular straightener on a flight in or out of any of its airports.)

Courtesy of Dyson

Another feature that makes the Corrale unique is the lack of stationary metal plates — a signature aspect of most flat irons. Instead, there are two manganese copper alloy flexing plates made up of 15 micro hinges, which are flexible pieces of metal that are supposed to work with your hair. Because there’s more flexibility, there's less tugging on your hair and less heat.

Speaking of heat, temperature was another important factor in developing the straightener: The brand decided to dial it down and only install three heat settings, with 410 degrees Fahrenheit being the highest. And yes, while this is still hot, many other straighteners go to a searing temp of 440 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Dyson Corrale straightener is available for purchase on March 10. Keep scrolling to see both colorful versions below and test out all of its new features for yourself.