Hailey Bieber Just Shared Her Secret Trick For Applying Foundation & It's Kind Of Genius

So easy, too.

Hailey Bieber makeup

Forget six-figure cars, bulging bank accounts, and private jet privileges — the unsung perk of superstardom has to be unfettered access to the best, most brilliant beauty professionals in the industry. Everyone’s seen the glammed-up photos posted by celebrities after an event, tagging their teams with humble notes about it “taking a village” but what’s not often considered is just how much insider knowledge is imparted during those sessions. In a new TikTok, Hailey Bieber demonstrates the power of collaboration first hand by showcasing one of her favorite tricks with the help of her makeup artist. Hailey Bieber’s foundation hack is a simple one, but it’s undeniably effective — and a little unexpected, too. In the video shared to her wildly popular TikTok account — she boasts a staggering 10 million followers on the platform alone — Bieber shows off her secret to smooth, dewy foundation that seems to totally mitigate the possibility of cake-face. Glazed donut face, though? Guaranteed.

In the quick video, a (perfectly manicured) hand is seen dispensing a dollop of beige foundation onto a glass panel. It’s then mixed with a single pump of Peptide Glazing Fluid, the best-selling serum from Bieber’s Rhode Beauty skin care line.

When mixed together and carefully patted onto Bieber’s bare face with a flat, fluffy foundation brush, the effect is so dewy and luminous without sacrificing too much coverage. In the caption, the newly-minted skin care mogul mentions she uses this trick any time she wears foundation, and that makes sense — have you ever seen Hailey Bieber’s skin looking anything less than luminous?

In a sense, this hack isn’t exactly new. For decades, makeup lovers and artists alike have crafted DIY mixtures of foundation, concealer, and moisturizer — it’s same concept concept behind tinted moisturizer — to ensure a sheerer finish that won’t separate, clog, or cake up. But Bieber’s serum-centric version capitalizes on the plumping power of the formula’s peptides for even an even smoother look and added radiance. In fact, in an older post shared to her Instagram feed, she shared that she often applies a layer of the Glazing Fluid directly over her foundation for that captivating sheen on which she built her empire.

Of course, Bieber’s own Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid has been effectively sold out since its launch, with restocks getting snapped up as quickly as they appear. In the meantime, though, you can absolutely approximate the look without it by subbing in a peptide-based serum, or even your tried-and-true moisturizer. Just like with primer, however, make sure that you don’t pair an oil-based moisturizer with an oil-free foundation or vice-versa — trying to mix or layer them directly over each other can cause separation. Until the next Rhode restock, Bieber’s beauty secrets-filled TikTok is the place to be. Here’s to hoping she starts taking requests.