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This Multitasking Product Is How I Approach Sun Protection Post-Summer

Efficacy, meet coverage.

Amanda Ross
Amanda Ross writer TZR

By now, you’ve surely heard it a million times before so there’s no need for a lecture. Yes, a full-coverage SPF is an important part of the day and you know it — so with the whole sun protection component down, it’s time to focus on what’s actually making a day-to-day difference: the coverage factor. The best tinted sunscreens will not only make your makeup sit, feel, and look better, but the psychosomatic piece of the puzzle is paramount, too. After all, if you know sun protection won’t get in the way of your look, aren’t you all the more inclined to wear it? Up until a few years ago, I was certain there was no such thing as a tinted sunscreen that could provide the coverage (and wear time) I needed without dissolving into a greasy, cakey mess. But these days, it seems like every brand has developed versions of makeup-sunscreen hybrids, totally eliminating the need to choose between coverage and protection.

As we head into fall, keeping your face shielded from damaging UV rays becomes no less important but may feel less necessary. Personally, I find picking up a new product is the best way to get reinvigorated — and when it comes to your skin’s health, it’s retail therapy in the best sense. Ahead, a roundup of the best tinted sunscreens I’ve ever tried. No grease, no clogged pores, and certainly no pilling. Consider these your Step Zero for safe, smooth skin.

Amanda Ross

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