Allow Hailey Bieber’s Cream Blush Trick To Kick-Start The Best Spring Beauty Trend

So fresh, so clean.

Hailey Bieber freckles

Hailey Bieber’s birthday is in late November, but spiritually, she’s absolutely a springtime baby. While her winter beauty and fashion choices are always excellent to be sure, there’s just something special and undeniable about the way the star blossoms the minute the weather starts to warm up — and judging by her latest TikTok tutorial, she seems to be feeling that seasonal energy right on time. In the new video posted to her wildly popular account, Bieber’s cream blush takes center stage. On the surface, the brief tutorial is simply a way for the Rhode founder to demonstrate how she likes to apply her makeup right now. In fan theories are to be believed, though, she’s simultaneously teasing something much bigger.

It’s only natural that Bieber kicks off the video in the her signature style: skin care. While she doesn’t specify exactly what she pats into her complexion first, the safe money is on her brand’s Glazing Milk, which she’s featured plenty of times on TikTok before. Here’s where things get interesting. She immediately follows it up with a rosy pink blush not actually shown on-screen — she dips her finger into the product just out of frame, then dabs it on her skin, blending it out through the apples of her cheeks and up toward the temples. She uses the same formula on her lips for a coordinated, naturally-flushed effect.

It’s long been speculated that after the runaway success of her tinted lip balms, a cream blush would be the next cosmetic released from the model-mogul’s line. The fact that she didn’t show the product on-screen would add some credence to this idea, along with what sure look like other teasers of the blush posted to Instagram just a week earlier.


Not only does the cherry blossom-pink shade look a lot like the one Bieber applied in her TikTok, the strategic hand placement over the packaging and the entire effortless application afforded by a twist-up stick seem very much in line with Rhode’s other rollouts.

Only time will tell if fans are getting a Bieber-branded blush in time for full-fledged spring or summer, but it sure seems imminent.