Hailey Bieber’s Multicolored Manicure Is A Feast For The Eyes

A happiness boost every time you glance down.

Hailey Bieber selfie with nails and hair outside

There are those of us who follow trends, and then there are those of us who follow Hailey Bieber. The model/social media star has an uncanny knack for putting her own spin on popular fashion and beauty crazes, and in the process manages to create something entirely her own. Bieber's latest colorful new nails are no exception, as they’re her take on the bright, swirly manicures dominating the social feeds of celebs and civilians alike.

In a new photo shared to her Instagram stories, Bieber shows off her new mani and credits the work to nail artist Kimmie Kyees, who's worked with Bieber on some seriously bold manicures in the past. This time, Bieber's nails sport an abstract, vaguely psychedelic pattern with lots of negative space (a soft baby pink in this case) to let the bolder colors stand out. It incorporates virtually every of-the-moment nail color including pastels, primaries, neons, and subdued neutrals like chocolate brown for what might be the happiest-looking manicure of all time.

This isn’t Bieber’s first nail art rodeo, either. For a few years now, the star has treated her followers and fans to glimpses of her bold manicures: her slime-green French tips, adorably patterned oranges and hearts, delicate daisies, and lots and lots of shimmer. She even told Allure last year that her teenage nail obsession (she especially loved long, bright acrylics) drove her mom crazy. The pandemic’s slowed schedule allowed her to try out designs and colors she isn’t typically able to for work, she said, explaining every adorable manicure she’s worn since quarantine began.


Though Kyees didn’t share exactly which polish shades or techniques she used on Bieber’s latest creation, the artfully mismatched colors and variety of squiggles make this something you could reasonably create at home with a very fine-tipped brush, several colors, and some patience. After locking in a neutral base shade to offset the brighter colors and help them stand out even further, establish where you want your larger chunks of color to be and deposit those first. Then, with a pointed brush and a steady hand (try stabilizing your painting elbow on a hard, flat surface if you’re having trouble) and add wavy lines where you see fit. The best part of this manicure is how abstract it is: there’s really no wrong way to paint the lines on. Now if only every trend could be this relaxed.

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