Gabrielle Union’s Beachy Braid Will Make You Never Want A Plain Ponytail Again

It’s so easy to do, too.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade braids summer cute

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have some very lucky kids because seriously, how often are involved, doting parents also this cool and stylish? The perennially chic couple was in high spirits at the start of the weekend as they eased into off-duty mode, complete with dancing, laughing, and flirting — all soundtracked by Beyoncé’s absolutely infectious Renaissance, of course. In a video shared to her Instagram grid, fans can see Gabrielle Union’s fishtail braid ponytail, slicked down through the scalp but full and glossy down its length, swinging in time to the music as she grooves along to album track “Energy.” Appropriately enough, Union’s own upbeat, in-love-with-life is palpable even through iPhone glass. Though summer’s already on its last leg, the multitalented star is ready to end it with serious style on a trip to wine country.

Though it’s not immediately evident where Union was headed in her fishtail braid and high-necked summer dress, she and her husband clearly had an incredible time in Napa. Before heading off to bed, the pair posed for a few final photos captioned, “Memaw & Pawpaw late night antics” — while showing off voluminous lashes and a megawatt smile.

Fishtail braids are the sort of hairstyle that seems so intricate and confusing until you actually try it out for yourself — you’ll realize immediately how simple (and kind of meditative?) it is to plait. The beachy, summery effect of the thin, crossed-over strands is always a detailed complement to coverups, sarongs, and warm-weather dresses and tops of all sorts.

Simply split the ponytail into two equal halves, and alternate passing small pieces of hair from one side to the next. For a more bohemian-looking fishtail, use even tinier strands but for Union’s more polished, evening-ready version, opt for thicker pieces. Considering this is only one of Union’s intricate, incredible braids this summer, it’s safe to say she’s got even more up her sleeve left for the final month.