Gabrielle Union’s New Hybrid Hairstyle Might Be Her Most Versatile Look Yet

Pick a side, any side.

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MILAN, ITALY - JUNE 18: Gabrielle Union is seen during Milan Fashion Week S/S 2023 on June 18, 2022 ...

Gabrielle Union has managed to do the unthinkable: have an Instagram bio that actually reflects her as a person. Right there in its first declarative statement, in which the star calls herself a lover of fun, the majority of her grid is summarized. Union’s penchant for all things happy-go-lucky can be seen in everything from her wardrobe to home decor and vacation plans — even her beauty choices mirror that cheerful, experimental ethos. Gabrielle Union’s new half-cornrow hairstyle, seen in sweet summer posts and videos featuring her family, totally encapsulates her fun-first lifestyle focus without sacrificing any of her chic factor.

Half of Union’s hair is pulled back into sleek, glossy cornrows. The braids keep her back away from her face, protected, and allow the other half of her style to really stand out. On the side of her head opposite the cornrows, Union’s full, voluminous curls flow free and cascade coquettishly over one eye. It’s the best of both beauty worlds: form and function, fun and high-fashion flare. Union’s latest look comes amid a summer full of playful, trendy styles (three words: Milan ponytail puff) that lend themselves well to long days by the pool, traveling with her husband, and turning up the red carpet heat. This new hybrid style, though, might be her best of the season.


The best look at Union’s two-in-one hairstyles comes from a friend’s celebration in Los Angeles. In photos shared to Instagram Stories, it’s clear just how sultry and edgy the curl-cornrow combination can look — especially when matched up with the smoky, cat-eye winged liner ringing her deep brown eyes.

In early July, Union showed off her wash day curls in an Instagram post after a month or so of assorted ultra-long braids. Using her own Flawless By Gabrielle Union-brand products, the ringlets formed lush spirals with tons of volume. Just a few weeks later, the intricate cornrows appeared across the side of her scalp — not to mention her eye-obscuring pseudo-fringe.

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Union’s a self-proclaimed lover of fun, but the fun clearly loves her, too. The radiance emitted from her paparazzi photos alone could power Melrose for a year.