Emma Stone Only Cut A Few Inches Of Hair, But It Totally Changed Her Look

So fresh, so clean.

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Emma Stone pink lipstick

Emma Stone has always seemed like the type of woman who appreciates tiny details and personalized touches. It manifests in the scripts she chooses and her increasingly daring red carpet style, obviously, but the hair and makeup looks she loves for high-profile events and casual days alike really benefit from her modern day Midas touch. Even the simplest, most straightforward tweaks — a tiny trim, a fresh set of highlights — feel more like expertly-curated touches. It’s certainly true in the case of Stone’s flipped ends hairstyle, spotted at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Jan. 4. An early kickoff to award season, her sleek, ‘60s-adjacent look is already setting the bar impossibly high.

From the length and position of her shiny, side-parted style, it seems like Stone got a relatively minor haircut in the past few weeks. The trim appears to have only been a few inches, but it’s still rather impactful. The chop brings her dark copper hair up to just past her collarbone when straight and loose, and cropped a bit higher when it’s flipped or wavy. Those outward-facing ends, gently sloped for a less extreme feel, sitting neatly on her shoulder like a consummate lob.

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While it’s not totally clear who worked on Stone’s look without proper social media confirmation, all the safe bets are on celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak. More often than not, she’s the professional behind her coolest-ever cuts, and, naturally, the actual styling.

In fact, Stone’s lob looks all more significant when compared to her second most-recent red carpet sighting. In photos from the Dec. 14 London premiere of her latest film, Poor Things, just below, note where her Roszak-styled curls fall.

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Though Stone makes flipped ends look distinctly her, the trend’s more widespread appeal can’t be discounted. It’s been spotted on so many stars and Stone’s A-list peers, including Margot Robbie, Zendaya, Rihanna, Priyanka Chopra, Keke Palmer, Kourtney Kardashian, and oodles more.

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Let Stone’s lustrous style serve as the ultimate example. Even a minor haircut can make a major difference — no life-altering chops necessary.