How To Embrace Color In Your Kitchen, The Celebrity Way

Go bold or go home.

Molly Sims / Instagram
A blonde lady posing in her kitchen with two orange cocktail glasses and lime slices in front of her

The world of celebrity kitchens can honestly be a little... well, bland. Browse through their Instagram accounts, and what you’ll find more often than not is one of two scenes: A basic, all-white kitchen, or lots of ultra-modern and sleek cabinets in a warm wood tone. And while there’s nothing wrong with either of those aesthetics, if you’re looking for something different, you might feel that you’re just out of luck. But don’t give up hope just yet: There are a few colorful celebrity kitchens that break the mold, and they’re serving up serious inspiration in the way of unique cooking spaces.

It’s not just the fact that the kitchens of these stars feature bold new ideas that make them worth looking at, though. In fact, each of these looks is also easy to recreate in your own home. Sure, you may not be able to replicate the exact space to a T. But all of the color in these kitchens can be implemented through a simple paint job or a backsplash replacement — both of which are designer-approved ways to update the space on a budget.

With pink cabinets on the rise and blue kitchens basically becoming the norm, it may be time to consider a more maximalist hue in your own home. Here, TZR’s favorite colorful celebrity kitchens to inspire you to make the plunge.

Drew Barrymore’s Pink Kitchen

Though it appears that Barrymore has already demolished this Barbiecore-esque space, there’s no reason you can’t still copy her bubblegum-pink cabinet color at home. Paired with black tile and floral wallpaper, it’s a retro look that’s perfect for people who love a nod to the past.

Kate Hudson’s Sage Kitchen

Hudson beat everyone to the sage green trend — and in her kitchen, she went all in. The soothing hue covers both her top and bottom cabinets, which lightly contrasts against the space’s white counters and walls. Paired with a patterned backsplash above her stove and a mix of copper and brass, it’s equal parts elegant and light — an ideal combination in one of the most important rooms of the house.

Reese Witherspoon’s Light Blue Kitchen

TZR has documented Witherspoon’s love of blue interiors time and time again, so it probably comes as no surprise that this is the color of choice in her kitchen. Naturally, she pulls it off flawlessly. The soft hue covers nearly everything but her countertops, creating an ultra-cozy scene. However, it’s far from dated or overly cottage-like, thanks to the brass hardware and modern countertops. We’re guessing you’re having no trouble picturing yourself making a grapefruit cocktail in here, too.

Hilary Duff’s Dark Green Kitchen

Any Duff fans may be aware of the star’s previously blue, black, and white kitchen, which was featured in Architectural Digest back in 2020. That look, sadly, is no longer. However, you’ll be happy to know Duff replaced the bright combination with another colorful scene. Though more subdued, she recently updated her patterned backsplash with a deep green tile. Set against creamy countertops and cabinets, it now feels sophisticated and grown-up, and it’s easy to see why she made the change.

Molly Sims’ Navy Kitchen

Sims’ kitchen is the ultimate muse for those who want to dip their toes into color without getting too wild. Her moody-yet-bright kitchen is a dark navy, with the inky color featured on both her cabinets and her walls. Combined with white accents, it’s proof you can do bold color in an understated and fresh way.

Martha Stewart’s Yellow Kitchen

Lots of time spent in the kitchen calls for a happy room, and no one understands that better than Stewart. That’s probably why she chose this creamy yellow shade for her cabinets and trim — in the slightly cluttered (but very homey) space, it gives a cottage-y vibe that feels cozy and fun. Honestly, we’d never want to leave.