This Affordable Update Completely Transformed Hilary Duff’s Kitchen

Small change, big impact.

Hilary Duff / Instagram

When TZR reached out to interior designers in March 2022 to ask them how to update a kitchen on a budget, their advice couldn’t have been more clear: Change the backsplash. As Amy Youngblood, principal designer at Amy Youngblood Interiors, said at the time, it’s both effective and affordable because it doesn’t require replacing more expensive details like countertops or cabinets. It may be difficult to imagine just how impactful this can be — but if you’re doubtful at all, you’re in luck. In fact, Hilary Duff just replaced her own kitchen backsplash, and the dramatic result is really all the proof you need.

If you caught the How I Met Your Father star’s first iteration of her kitchen in Architectural Digest a few years ago, you may be surprised to hear of this unannounced transformation. Originally, Duff’s backsplash featured a loud display of Paccha tiles by Popham Design Field Tile from Ann Sacks, per AD. Paired with the bright blue cabinets in Lucerne AF-530 by Benjamin Moore, it was a serious statement, and one that the actor said reflected her personality perfectly.

It seems, though, that Duff has experienced some change — and her kitchen, right along with it. On May 1, the 34-year-old posted a photo of herself and her husband standing in that same kitchen. This time, though, the background was slightly more subdued. Instead of the black-and-white pattern that previously dominated her walls, Duff stood in front of a glazed, deep green tile arranged in varying patterns. As Youngblood mentioned, it didn’t require replacing any counters or cabinets at all. And while Duff obviously didn’t share the cost of the project, it was certainly a cheaper choice than redoing the space altogether.

Duff didn’t stop there with the affordable updates, however. The star actually utilized another trick of the trade and painted her cabinets, which Joy Williams of Joyful Designs Studio told TZR can also provide a “big bang for your buck” when it comes to a refresh. Now, instead of the cabinets’ previous blue, they’re a creamy gray — a choice that not only adds a timelessness to the space, but makes the new green tiles pop.

Updating a kitchen can be daunting and expensive, but as designers have confirmed (and Duff further proved), it doesn’t have to be. New tile (be it stick-on or real) and a fresh coat of paint can provide a total transformation worthy of the stars — and keep you well within your budget.

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