Barbiecore Is Coming For Kitchens — And It’s Actually So Chic

They really are pretty in pink.

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Magnet Kitchens reports that both searches for “Barbiecore” and “pink kitchens” have exploded on Google recently. Ahead, some examples of how to pull off the trend in your home.


This bar space by Sara Malek Barney of BANDD/DESIGN proves even using pink as a small accent can make a big impact.Photo by Molly Culver / Courtesy of BANDD/DESIGN
Not wild about pink on the cabinets or walls? Not a problem. You can still incorporate it into the space via the ceiling, à la Megan Molten in this stunning kitchen space.Photo by Margaret Wright / Courtesy of Megan Molten
Influencer and creative Dylana Suarez added a serious dose of Barbiecore vibes to her modern kitchen by adding an electric pink accent wall above her basic white backsplash.@dylanasuarez
Darren Jett, founder of JETT Projects, used Benjamin Moore’s Tissue Pink on the cabinets, walls, and ceiling of his kitchen “so it would feel less like a ‘kitchen’ and more like an integrated wet bar.” He also loved how the color was an “unexpected, elegant yet youthful neutral” against the rest of the room’s elements.Photo by Christian Harder / Courtesy of Darren Jett
Lauren DeBello, founder of Lauren DeBello Interiors, knew she and her client wanted to go bold with color in this kitchen space immediately. “We fell in love with the movement of zellige tile and decided to use the blush color to make it stand out,” she tells TZR. “The tile brings in the desert warmth we were looking for, in a neutral tone.”Photo by Allison Elefante / Courtesy of Lauren DeBello Interiors
There are so many ways to use pink in your kitchen — including, yes, on your appliances. A lacquered finish like the one @wiltshirewonderland used on this refrigerator will provide a more sophisticated feel.@wiltshirewonderland
Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet, says that the key to making pink feel sophisticated is using dual toning. “Teaming it with another color will elevate and create harmony in your space,” she says. “Midnight blues, olive greens, and charcoal grays are all foolproof choices.”Courtesy of Magnet Kitchens
If you’d like to have pink *everywhere* but are worried about your kitchen feeling one note, follow the lead of @samswhurld. She used a solid shade on her cabinets, and added contrast by using floral wallpaper as her backsplash so that the whole room wasn’t one single hue.@samswhurld
Beesley also says that a great way to make pink work in the kitchen is to pair it with wood tones. “[They] work wonderfully with pink and can add a touch of organic warmth to the Barbiecore trend,” she explains, adding that this is especially true when using a pale or dusky pink. Courtesy of Magnet Kitchens
Blush pink cabinets, flooring, and wall paint come together in @homewithhelenandco’s kitchen for a cohesive, playful, and joyful look.@homewithhelenandco
Benjamin Moore’s First Light paint shade is paired here with a greenish-gray hue, which provides a surprisingly serene effect.Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

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