Are All-White Kitchens Still In Style? These Celebrities Say Yes

They’re here to stay.

Oprah / Instagram

For a long time, stark, white kitchens were the It-look to have. It seemed like everyone wanted one, and everyone cool had one. Sometime around 2020, though, there were murmurs that they were going out of style — to many people, they were considered overdone, too hard to take care of, and just plain boring. For all the arguments against them, though, there are still many strong reasons you should consider the look, even to this day. Case in point? All the celebrities with white kitchens who are doing this long-standing trend right.

Yes, there are countless stylish stars who are rocking blanc kitchens to this day — and each one pulls it off flawlessly in their own way. Oprah’s space is a great example of this: Though all her cabinets are entirely white, her wood countertops and floors and organic decor make the room look ultra-warm. So, too, is Selena Gomez’s — she pairs ivory cabinets with brick, wood beams, and gold accents to create a rustic look that’s interesting and unique.

As some celebs demonstrate, it’s also not necessary to commit fully to the color. So if you’re a little over an entirely white kitchen but not all the way, take notes from people like Gabrielle Union and Tia Mowry, who opted for more contrast with islands in black and warm wood tones.

Don’t listen to the naysayers — white kitchens are timeless, and they’re definitely here to stay. Here, nine celebrity-approved ways to make them your own.

Tia Mowry’s White Kitchen

Mowry’s space is a beautiful and classic example of the white kitchen trend. Snow-colored cabinets and a marbled backsplash make it both simple and elevated, while her black island provides the perfect amount of contrast.

Jennifer Garner’s White Kitchen

Jennifer Garner went all in with the white kitchen trend. From her cabinets to her tile backsplash to her curtains, there’s not a drop of color to be seen, and the result is soothing and fresh.

Gabrielle Union’s White Kitchen

Union’s sleek decor style continues perfectly into her kitchen. Of course, she put her own cool spin on the look — rather than choosing all-white cabinets, she implemented the hue on one wall and paired that with warm wood islands to give the space a cozy, unique feel.

Reese Witherspoon’s White Kitchen

Reese Witherspoon took a similar approach to Garner’s, though with a slightly more modern edge thanks to her Shaker-style cabinets and luxe marbled countertops. Paired with her wide wood floors, the result is the perfect blend of rustic, clean, and fresh.

Selena Gomez’s White Kitchen

Though Gomez’s kitchen is entirely white, you almost wouldn’t realize it at first glance. That’s because the singer incorporated tons of texture into the room; it features a brick range hood and backsplash, wooden ceiling beams, gold accents, and colorful accessories that liven up the look.

Oprah’s White Kitchen

Like the rest of her home, Oprah’s kitchen is warm and inviting. That said, it’s about as minimalist as it gets. The entrepreneur went entirely white with her cabinets, with only wood countertops and floors to provide some contrast.

Lucy Hale’s White Kitchen

Lucy Hale’s kitchen shows an expert touch when it comes to interiors. Though the space is extremely subdued in color — white cabinets paired with matching counters, walls, and nearly white floors — it’s definitely not lacking in style. Additions like chic lighting and interesting shelving ensure it’s anything but boring.

Olivia Culpo’s White Kitchen

Similar to Union’s kitchen, Olivia Culpo’s cooking area is a lesson in contrast. Though she has plenty of white cabinets, they almost go unnoticed thanks to the sleek wood island and chevron range hood. The black hardware adds the perfect amount of juxtaposition to the color scheme as a finishing touch.

Shay Mitchell’s White Kitchen

Shay Mitchell’s kitchen fits right into her Cali-cool home. Rather than giving it an overly pristine vibe, the actor and entrepreneur added details like mismatched countertops, varied tile patterns, and dramatic light fixtures to her white cabinets to keep the laidback effect going.