Ciara's Voluminous Natural Curls Are A Key Part Of Her 'Soft Girl Era'

She’s a breath of fresh air.

Ciara long hair

Ciara is truly one of the most multifaceted stars in the entire industry. Just weeks after shocking fans with a white-platinum locs in support of her intergalactic-themed tour alongside Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes, the singer is back with a new look — one that’s pared-down, simple, and among her most stunning of all time. In a sweet, adorably vulnerable photo posted to her Instagram, Ciara’s natural curls — and her six-month-old baby girl Amora — take center stage, a lush, voluminous wave of curls that spill down to her shoulders. As Ci explains in the caption, she’s currently in her “soft girl era”, spurred on by this next chapter of motherhood. Accordingly, her perfectly-formed spirals and ringlets shine feels especially spot-on.

It’s not just all about that stunning texture, though. The photo reveals that Ciara cut a short, wispy set of bangs, which enhance and emphasize the curls around her face. With her center-part and long layers, the bangs add a sophisticated, almost retro feel to her hair. The highly versatile superstar is no stranger to all sorts of bangs, of course, but there’s something so special and refreshing about seeing them cut into her natural (and extremely healthy-looking) curls.


Her fans flocked to the comments to gush about both her transparent feelings on motherhood in general and her hair, with more than a few followers remarking that the curls work beautifully with her sculpted cheekbones and sharp jawline. She’s worn curls and wavy hair countless times in public, but typically sticks to much longer styles — typically waist-skimming at minimum — making this shoulder-length cut something of a game-changer for her. The “How We Roll” singer seems to be loving the look too, posting another photo series that shows her hair off in a different setting and sleek, sultry outfit.

Though absolutely timeless in nature, curly bangs are having a particularly bright moment right now. Regina King cut a longer pair in her own natural spirals for a special Louis Vuitton runway presentation in late April, and Cardi B took things to a cool, edgy extreme with a super-sized set worked into her modernized mullet.

All the different ways to do curly bangs just prove their power — all you need is some moisturizing curl cream and the right scissor-wielding stylist.