Ciara’s Platinum Locs Introduce A Whole New Era For The Superstar

Out of this world indeed.

Ciara jumbo french curls

Ciara’s gearing up for a whole new era — and O.G. fans couldn’t be more excited. The superstar is taking her talents on the road, teaming up with fellow industry A-listers Missy Elliot, Timbaland, and Busta Rhymes for a blockbuster summer concert series that covers their biggest all-time hits as well as more than a few fresh releases. But in true Ciara fashion, the “Out Of This World Tour” is a full-fledged concept, complete with a distinct aesthetic to match. In promotional images, Ciara’s platinum locs and futuristic gold face paint emphasize the intergalactic theme, heightening the anticipation and giving her followers a taste of what the tour will bring. Even live performances aside, though, the snowy blonde style would be worth noting regardless.

In the initial teaser trailer for the tour, it’s not just Ci done up in in a cool alien-chic outfit and beauty look. Elliot and her fellow headliners look just as 3024, dressed in gold leaf-covered braids and curls, as well as metallic touches all over the face. It’s impossibly cool and very fun, but Ciara’ look might be the most easily recreated. Her half-up ponytail is full of tight waves and bends, but it’s the locs spilling down from her gold hair cuff that really command attention.


Not only are locs chic and summery, but the protective look is a smart choice for shielding natural hair from damage and breakage. The color-style combination might be new for Ciara, but the wrapped style is old hat. She’s worn locs and platinum hair plenty of times before over the years. Most recently, she showed off an icy blonde ponytail at the Super Bowl back in February, allowing long, bright pieces to flow around her face. The last time she wore locs, in October 2022, they were dyed an intricate ombré, interwoven with assorted shades of brown and blonde for a highly dimensional look.

With the official start of summer just on the horizon, social media is speculating on what the season’s top aesthetic trends could be. It’s not far-fetched to say that considering Ciara’s influence and just how cool the bold blonde locs look, “cosmic core” might be the next big thing.