When It Comes To Curls, Nothing Beats These Celebrities’ Natural Patterns

Pure perfection.

Tracee Ellis Ross natural curls

It doesn’t matter if they’re pulled back into an elaborate updo or left to flow loosely, is anything so gorgeous as a headful of curls? So distinct in their shape — regardless of pattern or type — spirals, ringlets, and loops feel like so much more than just a stunning hairstyle. Often, they’re a key, integral part of the wearer’s identity. That’s probably why it feels so special when a celebrity wears their natural curls out on the red carpet or shares them with followers in a social media post. And the more the stars show off their born-with-it hair, the more styling ideas and care tips their fans get by extension.

Some might be looser, longer, more tightly-coiled, or coarser, but all curl types require a special hair care routine to stay looking and feeling their healthiest. Rely on a solid wash day routine, shellack your curls in nourishing conditioners, and give them a break when off-duty with silk pillowcases and delicate wraps. Regardless of your curl pattern or texture, a little TLC makes them all look incredible for any event or occasion.

Ahead, get inspired by some of the most beautiful, enviable natural curls in Hollywood right now.

Issa Rae

Kevork Djansezian/WireImage/Getty Images

Thick and luxe with small, tight spirals, Rae has an enviable amount of volume that makes her natural curl red carpet styles so consistently stunning. She amplifies them with a rich cinnamon hair color, one of her beauty signatures.



Beyoncé is so invested in her hair care routine that she released a her own line of curl essentials. Recently, she shared a behind-the-scenes video that delves deep into exactly what she does to maintain the health and look of her blonde ringlets.

Keke Palmer


She pumps out a new hairstyle and color nearly every week, but what’s better than Palmer’s perfectly-shaped natural curls? Falling just above her shoulders and full of life and movement, they might be some of the healthiest curls in the entire industry.

Regina King

VCG/Visual China Group/Getty Images

King’s been showing off her beautiful natural curls since bursting onto the scene in the ‘90s, but she’s still finding new, exciting ways to wear them. For a recent Louis Vuitton show, the Oscar winner cut a pair of bangs that amplify her curl shape and shine.

Tia Mowry


Fans asked for the secret to Mowry’s cared-for curls for so long, she had to release her own line: 4U by Tia. Recently, she shared that one key component is regularly relying on a clarifying shampoo to clear hair and scalp of product buildup, leaving her ringlets well-shaped and weightless.

Kerry Washington

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Delicate, wispy, and beyond stunning cut into short French-girl bangs, seeing Washington’s curls are always a treat — even if her protective styles are just as cool. Her natural looks just have an ethereal quality, heightened by her light makeup and dreamy dresses.

Viola Davis

Monica Schipper/WireImage/Getty Images

One of the most preeminent naturalistas around, Davis wears her full, fluffy curls everywhere imaginable — and consistently finds a way to artfully style them. She loves a standout accessory, but this partially pulled-back look doesn’t need a jeweled hair clip to shine.

Tracee Ellis Ross


Ross might be one of the most influential beauty icons of her generation, parlaying her years of incredible curly-girl styles into the founding of her best-selling, wildly acclaimed PATTERN Beauty brand. She loves to dress her curls up with bangs, barrettes, and accent braids, and each style is even cooler than the last.

Mariah Carey


Carey looks straight out of the ‘90s with her glossy natural curls pulled up into a sultry, casual updo. Streaked with sunny blonde highlights, they’re so dimensional and full, even cascading down in her half ponytail.


Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Long, lush, and full of bends, waves, and full-on curls, Zendaya’s natural hair has been there for some of her most pivotal events — including throughout the Euphoria filming schedule. Here, with her hair tossed sultrily over one eye, her curls are at their absolute best.